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Associate Spotlight March 2013
Illinois Associate Curtis Reed certainly knows a thing or two about hitting the ground running.

“For me, Viridian has meant friendship, the opportunity to form new relationships, the opportunity to experience growth and the opportunity to make a heck of a residual income,” he said. “My whole focus now is to keep doing better than I currently am and to keep moving my team forward.”

A little over two years ago, Reed was introduced to Viridian through a friend, Associate Bret Koopman. After hearing about the business, Reed had the opportunity to meet Founder & CEO Michael Fallquist and Senior Director Todd Young. After that meeting, the consultant decided to take his first dip into the network marketing pool.

It was an easy decision for Reed—even though he had never before entertained the idea of joining a network marketing company—as he quickly learned that the core messages and mission of Viridian resonated with the beliefs and values instilled in him by his late mother.

“My mom used to always say that ‘nothing fails but a try’ and that was one of the first things I heard at a Viridian meeting,” Reed said. “The things my mom used to tell me were what Viridian Associates were telling me. Suddenly, everything came together.”

Since joining Viridian, Reed has taken comfort in Viridian’s mission of service above self and philanthropy, which were extremely important to his mother. Reed said his mother was a true humanitarian, helping all kinds of people—whether it was women by participating in the 1960s Civil Rights and voters’ rights petitions, people of color by marching in Mississippi or by helping her family and friends financially and emotionally.

“Viridian is something that can help me do the things that she did,” Reed explained. “She was a leader and didn’t mind taking on things, and that has always resonated with me. Hopefully, Viridian can afford me the opportunity to do what my mother did—set a path for my family and grandkids by providing a service to them when they need it.”

As Reed looks forward, he knows that his Viridian journey has just begun. He credits most of his success to his remarkable team, which is quickly seeing the rise of new Executive Associates, Directors and a Senior Director. For Reed, it’s all about his team, and his measure of success is based on how many leaders he can help create.

Staying plugged in has always enabled Reed to enjoy quick success. In fact, Reed constantly reminds his team of the importance of attending corporate events, following corporate announcements, making time for corporate calls and attending field­led events.

“That’s what you have to do,” Reed said. “Be on everything that you possibly can and capitalize on other people’s mistakes in a positive manner.

“Remember that leadership doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at the front of the room,” he added. “It’s about getting someone else in the front of the room. I am proud of where my team has taken me and I can’t wait to help others get further.”