Congrats Gen V! $1 Million Richer, a Million More Reasons for Future Growth

Let me start off by saying how excited I am about writing today’s blog post. When we first introduced the Thrive in 5 Rewards Challenge earlier this year—designed to celebrate our five-year anniversary and to offer up to $5 million in cash rewards in 2014—I was quite vocal in expressing that I hope we get to pay every cent of this promotion.

Announcing last Friday that we will be able to hand $1 million to our Associates was the perfect way to end the week.

So today’s blog is really quite simple. I want to take a moment to send a huge congratulation to all of you for hitting your first goal of enrolling 50,000 customers and 5,000 Associates! A job well done Generation V!

I am so proud of all you. This milestone is not only a testament to our sales force but is also indicative of future success that’s in store for Viridian for the remainder of the year. Just think of the momentum this victory has built. You have managed to set a new record of growth in a quarter for Associate and customer enrollment. Consider the 5,000 new Associates out there who have all come into the business in the last 90 days who are raring to go, excited to build your business and eager to help you achieve your second victory.

At the end of the day, these goals are like a series of four games we have to win. The first one was the hardest to win and now we need to focus on game number two. Nothing would make me happier than paying out another million dollars.

So what can you do now? Use this recent win as an opportunity to contact Associates who may not be as engaged. Show them the check. Leverage this excitement to get them to recommit to the business. Realize that the hardest part—believing you could actually achieve this—is over; now that you know you have done it, it’s about replicating the same behaviors and coaching all the new people.

I knew you could do it Generation V; now let’s do it again!