DisneyFive-year-old Chloe Friedberg is one lucky little girl. For starters, her dad is Viridian Partner Eric Friedberg. And smart man that he is, Eric is a Travel Light member. Which is how Chloe and two of her friends got surprised with a trip to Disney World last month. Here’s how it all went down:

“We told Chloe we were going to Florida, which was not surprising—we go every winter, usually for around 3 weeks,” Eric said. “But this year we said we were just going for a short weekend getaway, so we just packed a small suitcase for her.”

When the Friedberg family arrived at the airport and got on line for their flight, they not-so-coincidentally bumped into the family of some of Chloe’s best friends, eight-year-old Bella and five-year-old Mia. Drawing on their best acting technique, they fended off the girls’ questions and managed to keep the surprise under wraps. But when the plane landed in Orlando, it was time to make the big reveal.

“Each girl was handed a box at the airport,” Eric said. “Inside each one was a Disney Princess wand, a Disney Fast Pass bracelet and a Disney T-shirt. The two younger girls were a little confused, but Bella, the eldest, got it right away. ‘We’re going to Disney!’ she started screaming. Chloe and Mia, of course, were thrilled. And the trip was just as wonderful as we’d hoped.

“But honestly,” Eric continued, “As amazing as the trip itself was, the second most amazing part for me was the Travel Light Concierge Service. That’s what separated this experience from every other trip I’ve ever booked online. I’d originally reserved rooms at another Orlando hotel, but needed to change it to accommodate the other family we were traveling with. The Concierge team helped me accommodate my family and the family we were traveling with. If I’d booked on a competitor’s site, I wouldn’t have gotten the level of customer service I received. Every single part of it was state-of-the-art. I’m a stickler for customer service, so it has to be great to get my attention. This was truly phenomenal.

“When it comes to business travel, Travel Light has been great, too. I’ve saved $100 per night on average compared with other hotels. So I’m convinced! I have a great comfort level with Travel Light, and really look forward to sharing it with the world.”

The Friedberg family created happy family memories that are kind to the budget and zero carbon, too. (And pssst…don’t tell Chloe, but thanks to Travel Light, Dad has a surprise family getaway to the Bahamas coming up soon.)