12661780_10208133760449395_4912423300745399429_nCelia Blake and Elio Silva: Reaping the Rich Rewards of Friendship, Loyalty and Persistence

Although Celia Blake went from newly-enrolled Viridian Associate to 5-Star Director in a whirlwind four days, she and mentor Elio Silva had been friends for more than 27 years—and Elio had been talking to her about Viridian for almost two of them. (“Since March of 2015!” Elio volunteers.)

The two Brazilian-born friends laugh now when they talk about it: As strong as Celia’s belief is now, her skepticism was in those days. Then Viridian introduced Travel Light. And Celia, who has worked as a travel agent for 30 years, started to see her way in.

“I trust Elio. We’re friends. I’ve been his travel agent for many years,” Celia said Friday morning. “So I would go to his Opportunity Meetings and listen to his presentations. A lot of us did. But I just wasn’t ready yet. All the pieces weren’t there. Travel Light was the product that made the difference: As a travel agent I really saw an opportunity. The 80% Karma match in particular sounded like a great deal. I love it! But when the 10% match was added for Travel Light members as well, it really tipped the scale. It was the right product at the right time.”

Elio, of course, agrees. “Celia is a wonderful, caring person. In addition to her travel business, she’s a Montessori teacher. Kids and travel: those are her two passions and what she’s dedicated her life to. She knows so many people and is trusted and loved by all of them. Her “why” is helping people. “

“I’ve had some customers for 30 years who I’ve never met,” added Celia. And it doesn’t matter: They are loyal to me because I always do the best I can for them.”

“But,” Elio continued, “Neither of those careers is a way to make a lot of money. With Travel Light’s cash matches, Celia could see a way to stay in a field she loves, and also have the opportunity to start making some extra money.”

Once Celia came on board, she came on all the way. She and Elio spoke on the phone early each morning, did a lot of presentations, made a lot of two-way calls, and with upteam leader Brenden Kenny’s help, a number of three-way calls as well.

“I had been approaching Celia and our mutual friends for a long time,” said Elio. So when she enrolled—someone everyone knew was a skeptic—other people followed. It was a snowball effect, and she made the most of it. “

Here’s how she did it: Celia showed the plan to 30 people in her first four days. In that focused time, she attracted 5 new Viridian International Associates to the business who all became Travel Light members. Then she and Elio quickly worked with each of them to get their accounts activated, and started sharing Karma accounts right away. Energy, focus, helping others, and stretching to show the plan to as many people as possible within a short timeframe is what propelled Celia to 5-Star Director.

The two friends and now team members have great hopes for the future. Better than that, they have a plan: “We are meeting on Tuesday to set up our game plan on how to expand the business. Our number one goal is to get all of Celia’s people who have Karma invites to sign into a Karma account. That will help us open the door to convert those people to Travel Light memberships.”

And as always, they will be patient and persistent.

“It can be a lot of work and a lot of the time you don’t see the results for a while,” Elio admits. “But like the story of the Chinese bamboo tree, your efforts are creating roots and building a foundation. You have to plant the seeds and keep watering, fertilizing and weeding with faith that sooner or later you’re going to get a harvest. And then all of a sudden, you see rapid growth as trees sprout out of the ground. People like Celia are the sprouts!”