Building your personal brand

What is a brand? When most people think about the answer to this question, they think about the logo, colors, product or service provided, or the quality of what they provide. A brand represents all of this, and more. A brand is strong when it leaves the competition in the dust and represents the only choice to the consumer. What’s more important to the strength of a brand is the people who represent it, or the messengers. Think about any store or restaurant you walk into, or where you choose to shop online. This is precisely why it is important to maintain focus on continually strengthening your personal brand and how you represent Viridian.

There are thousands of examples for how certain brands outshine and lead others in their industry, and why. Let’s take coffee, for example. As soon as you read the word coffee, you probably instantly had a brand pop into your head. It could’ve been Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or maybe Keurig. This is what a brand does, it stays in your mind because somewhere along the way it made an impression on you. It could have been the courteous service you always receive, the quality of the product you get every time, or maybe it’s just the pleasing environment you find yourself in while enjoying the product sitting under their roof—in other words connecting with and appreciating the experience. All of these represent branding.

When you look at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts side by side, both extremely powerful brands in the coffee industry, there is an extension of their brand that’s just as, if not more, important than the product you receive when you visit their establishment—the employees that work in their restaurants. They represent the personality, service and quality aspect of the brand…in a manner that appeals and works for you. You can serve up the best tasting coffee in the world, but if a scary looking disheveled person that was wearing ripped jeans and a dirty T-shirt behind the counter says to you, “Ya, what do you want?”, would you return to make another purchase, or even drink that cup of coffee you ordered? For most people, the answer is no. Starbucks knew this when they started expanding the coffeehouse concept in the late 1980’s. Because they built a powerhouse brand that is recognizable and easily duplicable anywhere, people will pay a premium for a high quality product served up in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere by courteous, professional people. This not only helped to propel the success of their brand, but others saw this category concept and instantly recognized the opportunity, so more coffeehouse brands started popping up and playing keep up with the ever-evolving leader.

This leads me to talking about what a “personal brand” is. What does this really mean, and why is it important? Essentially your personal brand is, well, you. It defines who you are and how others perceive you. As a Viridian Associate, this is critical for you to continue developing as it has a direct impact on your personal business success. You are representing the Viridian brand and telling not only our story, but your story. There was a reason why you chose to join Viridian—share your reason with everyone you know and everyone you meet, but share it professionally. This will help you expand your network and make connections you never thought possible. When developing your personal brand, take the following into consideration:

  • When I speak with people about Viridian, am I wearing Viridian-branded apparel?
  • When I leave information behind with prospects, do I provide the professionally printed marketing tools Viridian provides?
  • When I set up my meetings, do I have professionally produced Viridian-branded banners, table cloths and/or signage?
  • When I make a presentation to new prospects, do I use the high quality Viridian produced presentation slides?
  • When I tell the Viridian story and share what “Power with Purpose” really means, am I telling the same story they will read online, so telling the same story consistently from prospect to prospect?
  • Am I evolving with the company, its products and brand to always bring the highest level of opportunity to remain at the top my game, as well as keep my downteam on top of their A-Game.

We provide the tools, you carry the message. That’s the power of network marketing. You don’t have to be a marketing or sales guru to be successful. You are the story tellers. Be sure you are set with everything you need to market your Viridian business professionally, including business cards, apparel, print materials, banners and other event marketing supplies and promotional items. All of these are available at and many more items will continue to be added each season.

When you treat your Viridian business like a business, it will reward you like a business. The stronger you develop your personal brand around Viridian, the stronger you make the Viridian brand—and it will continue to work full circle over your career. We can’t climb to the top without you!