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RFP Spotlight November 2012
When Illinois Director Matt Johnson joined Viridian a year­and­a­half ago, the partner of a trading firm never dreamed that the company would have such an impact on both his personal and business life.

Johnson has quickly cemented a strong Viridian organization—in large part thanks to acquiring his Fast Start Bonuses, attending Power UP! conventions, receiving coaching from mentors such as Ambassador Bob Quintana and Director Rick Herdrich and promoting the Residual Fundraising Program (RFP).

The RFP program has helped Johnson grow his business exponentially as he brought groups such as the Redeemers Lutheran Church in Oak Forest, Illinois, and a fundraising group for the Chicago Police Department under his wing. With Johnson’s coaching, these institutions have been able to raise funds for a new roof and for police officers who had to leave the force for medical reasons.

“I always feel that RFPs are more successful when people are given a specific target to work toward,” Johnson said. “If you work to raise money for something tangible, it is easier to get involved, as it is something you can monitor and see how much closer you are getting to by supporting the project.”

For those looking to get involved in the RFP arena, Johnson reminds them that it requires hard work and constant involvement. You cannot just send out mass mailings asking people to become a part of the program. You need to find one or two people in the organization to target and then assess their interest.

And he said it’s a good idea to lean on Associates who have already had success with the program. “It’s very important to find other people who have already worked with RFPs with some success,” Johnson said. “People are very willing to work crossline.”

After deciding to tackle the RFP space, Johnson has become even more immersed in his Viridian business. He has already earned his way to the Leadership Retreat next January and at this year’s PowerUP! he won two free tickets to next year’s convention in Washington, DC, as well as free hotel and airfare.

When asked how Viridian has impacted his life, Johnson quickly exclaimed, “I love it!”

“I now have two birthdays within this business: one in June when I first started, and the other in February when I met Bob Quintana and started doing things properly,” he said.

So where should we expect to see Johnson in the coming months?

“At the Ambassador level, without question,” he said. “I intend to be Senior Director by year’s end and Partner within the next year. I’ve added close to 400 meters since PowerUP! I came in for the green but I am staying for the personal growth.”