Bringing Hope to Albania


What a beautiful experience we had in Albania. I am still reeling with excitement, knowing the impact GenV had on the community of Tufine, Albania. To see our top-performing Viridian leaders working tirelessly to serve others is always gratifying.
Whether it was digging a hole in rocky, concrete-covered areas, carrying heavy poles across the community, carefully connecting wires at each location, or mixing and pouring concrete, this group WORKED HARD! And, they did it with smiles on their faces, a spirit of teamwork and incredible tenacity. I am grateful to have shared time with them in the village and to have met the sweet people of Tufine. The community was literally living in the dark, and now they are safe, well-lit and welcoming.

Returning from this trip, I am once again reminded of the enormous pride I have working alongside Viridian leaders – shoulder to shoulder, as we improve lives.

The diversity of needs we have been able to fulfill community by community around the world is incredibly gratifying. When you give a family or a community power, you enable extended education and better communication, catalyze commerce, support safety and so much more. Over the years, the sustainability projects and clean, reliable and renewable energy Viridian has provided to communities has made a significant difference in the lives of people everywhere.


Our 7 Continents journey began with a reforestation trip in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, also known as the “lungs of our planet”. Not only was this the beginning of what became our Amazon Preservation project, with a commitment to plant 5,000 trees, it also gave us the opportunity to help a young entrepreneur start an eco-tourism business that continues to educate thousands of visitors each year.


GenV installed solar power on schools and a health clinic that no supplies refrigeration for critical medicines and antibiotics. We also built electricity producing merry-go-rounds that help power the school by day and charge solar lanterns for students at night.


GenV helped supply light and power for a team of conservationists working at the top of a rainforest mountain to protect the endangered Gibbons, and refrigeration for medications at the same conservation center.


We brought reliable, clean solar power to the school and community center on the island of Malake center, enabling the fisherman to preserve their catch and improve their livelihoods.


In Portrero Platanal families now have light after dark. The 40 home solar systems installed provide farmers and their children the ability to thrive in this off-grid agricultural village.


Tufine now has well-lit streets, providing safety and a much-needed sense of community to the homeless and jobless who live there. GenV also built a lit soccer field for the same community to come together to engage in sport and help them dream.

Serving the community in Albania, it was clear they had so little – so little personal belongings, few comforts, not enough food and so little of everything else, too. Most sadly missing was a sense of belonging, and no community or safety. I am hopeful that the simple act of us being there demonstrated they were cared for.

Our goal was for their community to be a safe haven and that the lights we installed would help support a feeling of togetherness and safety for these sweet people. If even one family is brought closer by these lights, given hope by the safety they bring, and opportunity to dream with the soccer field, then we will have done our job.

Thank you, Viridian Associates, for your hard work that enables us to reach communities around the world.

Today, and every day, I am proud to be a part of GenV!

– Cami Boehme, Chief Strategy Officer