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Associate Spotlight August 2012
If you sometimes feel like you’re the only Associate having trouble getting someone you know to become a Viridian customer, spend five minutes with Senior Director Brian Giblin.

But Giblin’s inability to convert his mother to Generation V has not deterred him from his steadfast course of rank advancement. In fact, when Viridian launched in Massachusetts this past June, Giblin cruised to the rank of Director in 32 days and reached Senior Director 17 days later. He is on track to become an Executive Director by the end of August.

His “ride,” as he calls it, to Senior Director has been long, but he is not looking to pump the brakes any time soon.

As a former Nissan car dealer, Giblin was used to logging long hours, overseeing multiple employees and ensuring that all the components were in place to grow a traditional business. But Giblin felt jaded by the auto industry and longed for a more balanced life.

After hearing about the boom of the energy industry from his son, Garrett, and discovering Viridian through research, Giblin attended an opportunity meeting in Farmington, Connecticut, where he met Terrie Walker, who soon became his sponsor.

“She explained how [Viridian Founder & CEO] Michael Fallquist created a business model of marrying multi­level marketing with electricity—a necessity we all use—and then adding the trending green component to it,” Giblin said. “She then asked if I would like to earn a recession­proof residual income. I said, ‘I am all in!’”

“Viridian gave me back myself,” the Massachusetts Associate said. “It has allowed me to get my confidence back; it got me out of my comfort zone and back on track with personal growth and development. Viridian makes you feel good about yourself, which leads to positive results in every aspect of your life.”

By teaming with Viridian, Giblin has been able to make his “Why” a reality, including saving for retirement and passing financial security down to his family. Perhaps most importantly, though, Viridian is allowing Giblin to be himself—someone who wants to teach, guide and help others and give people a chance to change their lives.

For those just starting out on their Associate “ride,” Giblin suggests buckling up, holding on and never being afraid to push down hard on the gas. He says the key to success is to identify other leaders
and equip them with the tools necessary to grow their businesses. If someone says no, Giblin contends that they are really saying “No, not now.” Moreover, he says to not sweat rejection. If you keep sifting through the sand, “you will find the gold nuggets.”

“Yes, the ride has been long, but now it’s time to put it into overdrive,” Giblin said. “I won’t stop until I reach the top. I love the challenge.”