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Bonnie Troy - January 2015: Sustainability spotlight

Bonnie Troy, a Senior Consultant from Connecticut, will tell you it is not about selling but about educating people, and she is finding success in Viridian by teaching people about how our daily actions and choices affect our lives.

When Bonnie was first introduced to Viridian a little over a year ago, she fell in love with the company’s green mission. Caring for the environment was nothing new to her—she has had her own organic land care business, which includes beekeeping, for over 12 years. She proudly, and with great results, ran as a Green Party candidate in November 2014.

Her business does not provide for retirement, so “Plan B” is Viridian, she says. Now she can use skills she already has to be successful in a field she believes in—and to effect change. “I love the dynamics of networking—it’s just conversation for me,” she says. “I am so elated to have this opportunity to deliver a sustainable business that will benefit my family, friends and community.”

Bonnie plunged right in and earned her first Fast Start Bonus in one day. With great support from her team and Partner Ken Olsen, who acted as her mentor, her business grew and she continued to earn other bonuses and residual pay in 2014.

In April 2014 for Earth Month, Bonnie’s team hosted a habitat improvement project in Weston, CT in the Trout Brook Valley section of Connecticut’s Aspetuck Land Trust. Viridian Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist and Chief Strategy Office Cami Boehme were among the volunteers who cleared brush and used the logs and branches to build refuges for box turtles and other small woodland animals.

Bonnie plans to continue her involvement with sustainability initiatives in 2015, and looks forward to further growth in her organization so she can participate in a future Amazon Preservation Project or 7 Continents in 7 Years voluntourist expedition. She says sustainability is a huge must for humanity, and since Viridian offers this in many ways, she is proud to be part of the mission.

She and her team spread the message about affordable, responsible energy by representing their Viridian business at various environmental and community events. They recently hosted their first “meet and greet” for local business folks to gather and network. “It was a great success and will be a productive ongoing event, because without networking we will not have growth,” she says.

Bonnie says she lives her life according to a Buddhist principal, the Spiritual Law of Grace, which she says is a call to action to be of service every day to her community and planet. “To me it is about giving, forgiving, serving and not judging—which help a person achieve good karma. Good karma can’t hurt!” she declares.