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Ben’s Uber Opportunity

Ben Morris Texas Blog

Ben Morris used to be terrified to speak in public, even skipping class in college to avoid his biggest fear. You would never know it today: That anxious college student is now a Director with Viridian, where he is leading, motivating and training his team of 90 Associates – a team he created in just two months.

The road to Viridian has been a winding one, but a chance encounter in an Uber is what really steered Ben in the right direction. Ben had relocated to Houston with his family, was struggling financially and was overwhelmed working long hours as an Uber driver. Picking up Brenden Kenny and Sean Ahearn on his shift that day was like winning the lottery. Brenden Kenny was more than a passenger; he was Ben’s guidepost.

“I said to Brenden Kenny that day, whatever you say I am going to do it,” Ben recalls.

Ben will be the first to acknowledge that his life has been filled with good fortune and acts of kindness, beginning with his adoption from a Korean orphanage as a young child. When Brenden asked him in the car whether he was keeping his income options open, he had a feeling this was another amazing opportunity to make a change for the better. He became one of the first Associates to sign up in Texas.

“My wife and I made a promise to take on any new opportunity that came our way that we thought would make a better life for our children,” Ben says.

A few short months later, Viridian has helped Ben come out of his shell in ways he never thought possible, and he’s passing that positive influence on to the members of his team, encouraging them to dream big.

“People feel that they don’t have a vehicle to achieve their dreams,” he says. “We need to show people how to dream again.”

Of course, Ben is no stranger to coaching. For 19 years, he has been training and teaching in martial arts, another influence that helped him on his path to leadership. Ben found Taekwondo at a time in his life when he needed discipline: He had been feeling lost in his college career, so he sold all of his possessions and backpacked around Southeast Asia for four months. The people he met during that journey began to help him find himself, and Taekwondo gave him structure and focus.

Now, he works with his ever-growing Viridian team the way he has always worked with martial arts students, often visiting them at their homes. He values connections and gets to know team member individually to understand what motivates them.

“I want to know their story, their family,” he says. “You have to be around your people.”

And as much as he reaches out to others, Ben notes that the key is being the type of person others are drawn to.

“Others notice when you’re part of a great thing like Viridian,” Ben explains. “Be a magnet and people will wonder what you’re doing. Let people search for you.”

It seems fitting that Viridian’s Texas Launch falls on November 6, which is Ben’s birthday. As one of the first Texas Associates, this Texas Founder has a lot to celebrate this year.

“Texas is blowing up and this is the final quarter,” he says. “We have to support our teams and keep training to run through and pass the finish line. We are going to do this together.”