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Associate’s Passion Fuels Personal Growth

Sustainability Spotlight November 2012
They say that if you enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll never have to work another day in your life. That’s proven true for Senior Director Alan Kurtz, who retired after a successful career in multilevel marketing but returned to the work force when he learned about Viridian.

Before he retired, Kurtz spent 20 years marketing nutritional supplements and reaching Triple Diamond, the highest rank at his company, Rexall Showcase. In retirement, the Illinois native and lifelong environmentalist got involved in local politics. As chairman of the Environment and Land Use Committee for Champaign County (Illinois), he was able to do some good while pursuing his passion, and he initiated the region’s first wind farm ordinance in 2008.

Kurtz’s work with the wind farm caught the attention of his former Rexall colleague, Bob Florentine, who is now a Partner with Viridian.

Florentine knew that Kurtz’s environmentalism and passion for sales were the perfect fit for Viridian, but Kurtz wasn’t immediately convinced.

“Bob and I would meet at various conferences and shows when we were both with Rexall,” Kurtz said. “I knew he wasn’t going to give me a snow job, so when he called me about Viridian I listened, but wasn’t all that interested.

“Bob finally FedExed me a package, with a note and a link to the opportunity video,” Kurtz said. “The note read, ‘This will be the last time I contact you. If it doesn’t interest you, that will be the end of our conversation,’” Kurtz recalled.

But Kurtz was only 15 minutes into the video when he recognized the opportunity. He called Florentine and asked where he could sign up.

Since joining in March 2011, Kurtz has quickly climbed the company ranks, and now has about 3,000 customers, 600 Associates, seven Directors, 37 Executive Associates and two Senior Directors in his downline. He’s now back to work full time, and loving what he does, he said.

Kurtz said he was attracted to Viridian by the youth of the company, the potential market opportunity and the people involved.

“I did a close scrutiny of all the people in corporate and found integrity,” Kurtz said.

Feeling renewed by this newfound challenge, Kurtz intends to stick with it and go as far as he can.

“I’ve always been interested in renewable, clean energy. We all need to take steps to replace carbon emissions,” he said. “This company is a natural partnership between my beliefs and Viridian’s goals. My goal is to reach the highest level of the company.”