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Associates Introduce 'Sustainability Coaching Series' To Illinois Market

Sustainability Spotlight August 2012
For some Associates, joining the Viridian business is all about earning a residual income. Others are attracted by the idea of network marketing. And for several Associates, the thought of being able to business­build is inspiring.

But for Executive Associate Ranya Verson, an Illinois resident who signed up with Viridian in October 2011, what attracted her to the company was the fact that Viridian encourages Associates to be a part of a larger sustainability mission.

“[Viridian Founder & CEO] Michael Fallquist summed it up best at the Florida leadership conference when he said, ‘We are about sustainability equals profitability.’ I nearly fell off my chair because that’s the study I am in right now,” Verson said.

And after Verson met fellow Illinois Associate Lauren Leifer, she was 100% sold on joining the company. The like­minded women formed an immediate kinship and knew there were no limits to where their work could take them.

That instant connection has resulted in the two spearheading a Chicago­based “Sustainability Coaching Series.” Associates are invited to attend sustainability workshops so that they can better understand the umbrella of sustainability and how to leverage value­added practices and principles to build their businesses.

The first coaching series kicked off July 21 and Verson and Leifer were pleased with the turnout. The second session took place last weekend during the first anniversary celebration of Viridian launching in Chicago.

“It’s all about getting them engaged and plugging into people’s passion­place,” Verson said of the series. “Different things motivate us all. For those of us that are motivated around sustainability, we hope people get reinvigorated and that they know they have a community of support. It’s about fortifying the belief, feeding the passion, offering a forum for discussing ideas and understanding how sustainability equals profitability.

What particularly excites Verson is the fact that these series can touch upon how to not only contribute to renewable energy and help the planet, but also how to, as a collective group, educate a sustainable mindset.

For Leifer, what makes this series so special is that the two women get to interact with Associates who are not driven solely from a financial perspective but, rather, are engaging with Viridian because they see it as an agent for change.

“They see Viridian as the paradigm shifter, the category creator, and they know that they are part of an expanding community of people who are driven by this belief,” Leifer said. “Our goal is to help clarify, for those who want to know, what sustainability is on all levels.”

While the coaching series is still in its infancy, the women have high hopes for where it is headed and both hope it will soon be offered across all of Viridian.

“We see ourselves developing training for the future and bringing this training to all markets,” Verson said. “In our series you get a lot of different things; it makes for a great road show!”