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Associate Spotlight: Partner Angel Lopez

Longview Gallery Washington DCLong View Gallery opened in 2006 as a small, Washington, D.C. gallery focused mainly on local artists. Nearly ten successful years of business have seen us grow in many respects: our team has grown from one to six, our roster of artists has grown from just local to international and our space has grown from 1000 to nearly 9000 square feet, the largest contemporary art gallery in the city.  Long View Gallery operates as the premiere fine art and event space in Washington, D.C. Long View Gallery concurrently highlights the talent of unique artists and operates as a premiere venue for private functions.  We represent both mid-career and emerging artists whose diverse portfolios run the gamut from abstract expressionism to photo-realism.  Washington, D.C. and beyond.This week, we’re shining the spotlight on an exemplary Associate who is leveraging both energy and travel to grow his business at lightning speed. He’s also well on his way to earning the Where in the World? Jamaica trip. Partner Angel Lopez shared with us his story and advice on how to make the most out of your time and abilities.

Angel has been with Viridian a little over two years, since Partner Keith Herbst pursued him over the course of a few months and shared stories of success with him that were just too inspiring to ignore.

Being that Angel has been in direct sales (door-to-door) for nearly three decades, he was used to starting every week at the bottom of the hill and working his way up again. In Viridian he saw the opportunity to build off of his efforts and, over time, create lasting residual income.

Angel’s many accomplishments since joining Generation V have been milestones that have reinvigorated his dedication and kept him looking ahead to his next goal. He ranked to Partner in just 12 months, the activity earning him a spot on the Where in the World? Mexico trip last June. Not only that, but he earned his $600 Fast Action Zone Bonus in just ONE week! (He advises new Associates to have a sense of urgency and earn 15 Customer Points as soon as humanly possible.)

You might also recognize him from the stage at PowerUP!, where he has earned the title of All Star Director and Mentor Bonus Achiever at the Ampy Awards. Another one of his huge achievements? Earning the Silver Circle Program that allows him to zip around in an Audi Quatro S2017. After estimating that he’s spent nearly $220,000 on cars in the last 20 years, it certainly feels good to not have to make a car payment!

What (or shall we say whom) does Angel credit for his successes? His team. As he puts it, “Shout out to our V-BOOM Team!”

It certainly hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Angel. He sometimes struggles with balancing his Viridian business with his full-time job, not to mention responsibilities as a father. To stay on track, he likes to “sprinkle a little Viridian throughout the day.” Since he is already in people’s homes and demonstrating cleaning products that are made from 100% recycled materials, the conversation about responsible energy is a natural transition. Plus, with the launch of Travel Light, it’s easy to talk with people about something they already do anyway—book travel! And, as an Associate, you’re giving them the opportunity to book the best price on travel that is zero-carbon as well.

He also relies heavily on the Duplic8 System, recognizing that building a team of people who learn how to build teams themselves is the key to not getting overwhelmed and frustrated about achieving everything on your own. He teaches his team members how to earn 10-15 Customer Points, and then mentors them on how to teach others to do the same.

According to Angel, there are three critical steps to success:

  • Having the mindset to help other people grow, which you gain from staying plugged in to calls, webinars and meetings (go to one event every week, take advantage of call replays and utilize the Catalyst app, he says)
  • Developing the right skillset and learning what you still need in order to achieve your goals (sometimes knowing what you don’t know is just as important as knowing what you do know)
  • Committing to the daily activities—presenting, inviting and always thinking about the next opportunity to introduce others to Viridian (a lesson he attributes to Ambassador Bob Quintana)

For those just starting out in their business, Angel’s advice is consistent with what you’d hear from all field leaders and executives: find your WHY and never lose sight of it! This will forever be your reason for continuing to forge ahead. Once you figure that out, Angel says to dedicate at least two hours a day to the process:

  • Determine leads (build your contact list)
  • Reach out
  • Present the opportunity
  • Follow up
  • Focus on self development (work harder at improving yourself than you even do at the job itself)

If there were ever anyone to mimic, we’d say Angel is the guy! He also shared with us his favorite piece of advice from network marketing guru Eric Worre: “In any business there will be amateurs, posers and pros. To touch lives, go for pro as soon as possible. Decide today that you’re going to ‘go pro,’ and know that IT IS POSSIBLE.”

Angel certainly took his words to heart. If the past two years are any indication, he is going to be a standout PRO in this business for years to come.