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Associate Spotlight: Chris Magno


As a former collegiate baseball star, Chris Magno knows a thing or two about dedication and hard work, not to mention balancing priorities.

Now, Chris is hitting it out of the park as a mover and shaker within Viridian. As a member of Todd Miranda’s all-star team, Chris hadn’t been with the company even three months when he ranked to Director in mid-February.

Not only does he balance a rapidly growing Travel Light business with his full-time job in Sales Management at Proctor & Gamble (June will mark his 30th anniversary with P&G!), but he’s also a sought-after baseball trainer AND is launching a patented baseball/softball training bat and system—keep an eye out for the official TheLightningStick.com infomercial this summer! Oh yeah, and he’s a devoted husband and father to two kids who also play sports at the college level. Talk about athletic genes!

We can’t imagine when he finds time to sleep, but one thing is for sure—Chris is the poster child for making the time if you want success. If Chris has five spare minutes in his day, he is calling a prospect, sending an email or sharing the business opportunity video.

As a resident of Florida, Chris was intrigued by Viridian’s launch of Travel Light. He liked that you didn’t have to encourage someone to buy something right away. You could merely offer a free Karma account and the customer could see for themself just how beneficial it is to book through the portal.

He used this approach to get in touch with old friends and teammates, allowing him to reconnect with people from his past while quickly growing his business.

Plus, he’s an avid Travel Light user himself. He was able to snag a $9/day sports car rental recently, on top of saving $100 on a hotel stay! He encourages Associates to become Travel Light members so they can relay their own personal experiences to prospects.

And, being that he is a coach on the baseball diamond, he brings that same coaching style to his Viridian business by developing team members who will duplicate. He teaches the Associates in his downline to find those small pockets of time and engage daily. He relates it to gardening—you need to plant the seed and water the seed daily to reap the harvest, and then you continue to plow forward. Patience and determination is a key factor in both, which can be hard to muster.

So, how do you change your thought process? Prioritize, Chris says. If he finds he has down time, he asks himself “Do I really need to watch this TV show, or should I get on a 3-way call?” or “Should I listen to music on my commute home, or replay a call I couldn’t dial in to?” In making these minor tweaks within his daily routine, he’s been able to experience a huge impact.

He also advises his team members to stay positive. It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t see financial reward right away, but he recognizes that this is a long-term commitment. The work he puts in today could pay dividends six, nine, or twelve months down the road and beyond.

In the meantime, he encourages everyone to stay plugged in and take advantage of the resources available. Lean on leaders who make themselves accessible, utilize the tools in VCenter and Catalyst, and join calls and webinars throughout the week.

He has a number of short- and long-term goals to keep him occupied, including earning the June trip to Jamaica and retiring from corporate America in the next two years. After three decades, he wants to be in charge of his own destiny, promotions and bonuses.

Judging by his trajectory, we have no doubt Chris will continue to step up to the plate to do all of this and more.