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Monica Keith - June 2015 Associate Spotlight

Do you remember what stood out most about your 18th birthday? For Monica Keith, it was enrolling as a Viridian Associate. The now 19-year-old dynamo, who ranked up to Director in February (hello, Bermuda!) saw it as a natural progression of her drive for financial independence. And this young leader isn’t wasting a single moment: she’s also a full-time college student focusing on environmental chemistry, and works two other jobs in addition to her Viridian business.

But she’s quick to admit that “doing Viridian” wasn’t easy at first. “I’d never even paid an electricity bill!” she admitted. “And network marketing was hard to grasp. There’s so much personal development involved. It’s something you really need to learn.”

Plus, her pool of potential Associates were mostly students, with all the challenges that dealing with college students entail. “It can be easy to recruit younger people, because they’re open and enthusiastic. But you really need to keep them focused and lead by example. I find myself texting and calling my team a lot, reminding them to go to meetings and offering them rides if they don’t have one. I find it’s important for me to go to one meeting a week. It keeps you focused and motivated. I stress that with my team.

“I also tell them: ‘Look beyond the walls of your college. Think long-term. You aren’t guaranteed a job when you graduate. You need to make your own future, and if you start working now, you won’t start out with as much debt.’ ”

The sustainability piece was a new concept for Monica as well. But once she began learning about the effect of carbon emissions on the planet, she quickly embraced Viridian’s role as a positive force for the environment. “I realized that, like me, many people didn’t know enough about climate change. But my generation and our kids are the ones who’ll bear the brunt of it. So I try to make clear how urgent it is that we act now. And I talk about the positive effect green energy has on our nation’s economy as well—that triple bottom line of people, planet, profit.”

The daughter of Executive Director Kevin Keith and a member of Platinum Partner Donna French’s team, Monica gives a good deal of credit to her mentors for keeping her on the path to success. “I’m always listening to motivational audiobooks now. My dad and I listen to them together. They change your attitude and outlook, and help you stay focused and positive throughout life. My favorites are The Secret, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, You Were Born Rich, Rich Dad/Poor Dad and The Four Agreements. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

What lies ahead for this very disciplined and driven young Associate? Not surprisingly, Monica’s got it mapped out. “Right now I make enough from my Viridian business to pay for my own car. I invest the money I make from my other jobs. By the time I’m 21 I want to buy my own house: Why waste money on rent? The day after I graduate I want to focus on Viridian. It’s the way for me to make a good living and have a life. Why do anything else?”