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Are You a V-PRO?


Were you at our first ever regional training event in Norwalk, Connecticut on December 5th?

If you were lucky enough to be among the 350 attendees at our inaugural V-PRO, you were part of an information-packed morning filled with knowledge, laughter (and even some tears) at what became a sold out, standing-room only event.

Leaders who attended the event are calling it one of the most dynamic and stimulating events yet. Chief Ambassador Marty Hale said Associates who attended “crushed every aspect of being a V-PRO.” New Jersey Ambassadors John and Lella Pyonteck said that they were “proud to connect with a packed house of like-minded people.”

But what did our Associates get out of V-PRO? We talked to two Viridian Associates who attended V-PRO and had the chance to learn how to put their knowledge to work, alongside some of our most influential leaders.  Here’s what they had to say.

“Events like V-PRO speak so highly to Viridian’s company culture,” said Rennard Sweetney, Partner from Maryland.  “These events make it real for all of us. My team and I were not going to miss it.”

Rennard and his team traveled from Washington D.C. – over five hours – to be a part of the training event. For Rennard, building a business with Viridian gave him a sense of direction and purpose. And he says that Viridian events are what keeps him constantly moving and engaged.

“I always thought I knew my reasons for joining Viridian. But I discovered a whole new side of my “why” at V-PRO,” he says.

Rennard stresses the importance of Viridian events like V-PRO to his team. “Regardless of location, you have to make it your business to come together at these events,” he says.

Shauna Gleason, a Director from New York, also felt that V-PRO gave her and her team the opportunity to take another look at their personal reasons for joining Viridian, and a chance to reflect on their plans for the future with Viridian.

“You get into this business with one reason and things can completely change. The breakout sessions at V-PRO provided an entirely new outlook on how and we why each of us are involved in Viridian, what it means for us, and what it means for our customers,” she said.

Shauna’s full-time career, committee and board involvement keeps her busy, but as an active Viridian Associate, she never misses an opportunity to attend a Viridian event.  And, she says, Viridian events like V-PRO never fail to re-motivate Associates, connect them with a large group and help them realize their potential.

Officially deemed as the first “V-PRO Champion” by Chief Ambassador Marty Hale, Shauna was one of those who volunteered to get up on stage with Viridian’s leaders and be part of a role-play Show the Program. “The interaction between Associates and leaders is invaluable. At any given moment, you could look at the audience and see that they were in awe,” she says.

Shauna says that she had never seen Associates more re-energized about growth and moving forward.  “People were so intrigued that they lost track of time.”

By the end of the event, Shauna’s team was thanking her for bringing them to V-PRO.

“The mission, the heart and the spirit that this company holds is very important to me and is something I believe in whole-heartedly.  And I wouldn’t have wanted my team to miss an opportunity to feel those same values,” Shauna said.

Are you registered for the next V-PRO in Chicago? Don’t miss this chance to get invaluable knowledge, tools and a chance to interact with both leaders and Associates on January 9, 2016! But act fast!

In Norwalk, we busted out the walls and had people sitting in the halls (as Chief Ambassador Marty Hale so aptly put it) but in Chicago we have just 200 seats to go around!