Approaching Point B: A Viridian dream becomes reality in Australia

Cami 2

There are a series of pictures that have been rotating for the past 10 hours on the glowing monitor in front of my seat. They show icons of the world map and a little airplane, excruciatingly slowly making its way across the dark space between Los Angeles and Sydney. At first, this monitor was an aggravating reminder of just how much longer I would be sitting in this very small seat, alternating between attempts at productivity and awkward neck-kinking sleep. I thought to myself that I would simply do my best to ignore that little plane icon—after all, it seemed to be moving slower than my unconscious teenage daughter on a weekend morning.

But now, as I’m allowing myself to again peek at the monitor, the plane has magically progressed almost two-thirds of the way, and it is now an almost hopeful symbol that I will soon be in the land Down Under. Like anything in life, this once seemingly insurmountable gap between Point A and Point B is narrowing, and soon I will be reaping the rewards of having made it to Point B.

The week ahead is an exciting one. After more than a year of top-secret planning and dreaming of taking Viridian’s mission, vision and culture across the world to the Australians, followed by two months of very visible planning and networking opportunities to build this fledgling market, we are finally on the cusp of officially welcoming our first Viridian Australia Associates to the Viridian family. In less than two weeks we will launch enrollment for Viridian Associates, and in less than 24 hours I will be meeting some of the visionary founders who are prepared to make history in this market.Cami 3

And history will, indeed, be made: Australians will have new and better choices with Viridian’s arrival. We believe they will embrace those choices with vigor and passion, because whether you are American, Australian, Peruvian, Fijian or anything in between, we all share the same resources. And when Viridian customers and Associates act locally while thinking globally, we are protecting those resources in very real, significant and measurable ways.

The time has never been better to put that kind of power in consumers’ hands. Combatting climate change has become a more active global dialogue than ever before. It is no longer only a theory, or a dream, or a curiosity saved for obscure groups and news services. It is a reality of the world, prevalent in mainstream media, elementary education, water cooler conversation and local regulation around the globe. As recently as the past few months we are seeing worldwide momentum grow, as governments, innovators, companies and citizens alike come together to create solutions.

We know that a global issue like climate change demands global solutions. As we continue to open new markets with Viridian’s innovative and simple solution, making the responsible choice the easy one, more and more customers and entrepreneurs around the world can now make a difference. In fact, we make it so simple that the only question to ask yourself is “Why wouldn’t you?” Simply by choosing affordable, responsible energy, continuing to use your energy as you always have, and sharing the Viridian opportunity with others, Viridian customers and Associates are making a meaningful collective impact: more than 7 BILLION pounds of polluting, harmful CO2 emissions avoided so far. Plus, thousands of trees planted, many families around the world with light in their homes for the first time—families with children, whose futures instantly became brighter—and tens of thousands of change agents educating people around the world.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this is real, and that I am part of this mission. But it’s true. I am. And, perhaps the most exciting part is that along the way, as we are working on changing the world together, so many people are changing their own worlds. I have met countless Viridian Associates throughout this journey who have been transformed by our company in so many ways—learning to trust themselves as leaders, relishing the extra time spent with family, finding their unique inner voice that inspires and motivates them, helping others build their own dreams, and working toward development goals that may have once seemed unattainable. Through their stories, I too have been transformed.  We’ve come a long way together.

We all have our own Point A, where we have to begin, and a dark, insurmountable gap between there and Point B. But choice by choice, effort by effort, if we stay focused, committed, and continue forward on the path, Point B isn’t actually so very far away.

As I prepare to land in Australia, I am invigorated. First, it is incredible to know that this goal of launching Viridian internationally is almost complete. So soon, we will have the opportunity to significantly increase our collective impact by bringing affordable, responsible energy plus a business opportunity with no inventory to the wonderful people Down Under. Second, it is with great anticipation that I look forward to meeting those people and hearing the stories of Australian visionaries who will be transformed, like all of us, as they help us reach those goals. I have no doubt our Viridian Australia family will embrace this opportunity with the same passion, sincerity and community as our American family, and I look forward to meeting them soon.

Here’s to an amazing market launch, and decades of making a difference here and around the world.