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RFP Spotlight October 2012
Sometimes, it’s the little things that can spur big changes.

Such was the case for New York Associate Mary Juliano, who was looking for ways to raise funds for her children’s school, St. Stephen’s in Warwick, New York. Juliano had been in charge of fundraising at
the school for some time when she was approached by an old friend and Viridian Associate, Pete Ryan, in October 2010.

Ryan explained that energy deregulation was coming to New York, and Viridian’s Residual Fundraising Program could help St. Stephen’s.

“The school already had a fundraising platform, so I understood the concept that Pete was explaining,” Juliano said. “I just needed to do some research, to make sure it was right for us.”

Ryan introduced Juliano to his upline leader and mentor, Partner Bob Meneve. In May of 2011, Meneve came by the school, just as the New York rollout was ready to launch. The two met in the school library, and Meneve followed up the meeting with an email pitch about Viridian.

At the very bottom of the email was a link to the S how the Program video, which fully explained the Viridian opportunity. Juliano enjoyed the video so much that she played it three times.

It was if a light bulb suddenly illuminated. After the third time of watching the presentation, Juliano said to herself, “I can do this!” She enrolled shortly after.

With her five children home for the summer, Juliano was admittedly slow to get her business rolling. “I became what I call an ‘accidental Associate,’” she said with a laugh.

But, soon enough, both her business and the school’s business started expanding, and the growing income began arriving. This past summer the school received a check for $1,000 through Viridian’s Summer Sizzler promotion, since St. Stephen’s is Juliano’s direct sponsor. Thanks to Juliano and her team’s ongoing recruitment work, St. Stephen’s now has about 35 personal customers signed up and about 500 in its organization.

“Even though St. Stephen’s personal customer count is moderate right now, the school has benefited tremendously from the growth of the businesses below them,” Juliano said. “Most of my personally sponsored Associates are affiliated with St. Stephen’s, which has encouraged their motivation for success as well.”

Yet it’s not just the money that has spurred Juliano, who has now reached Director rank.

“This work has given me my own purpose,” she said. “I don’t have to work, but I saw the opportunity the company presented, and I’m going after it. I totally support Viridian’s sustainability efforts, as my whole family lives a sustainable lifestyle.”

Still, the extra income is coming in handy. “My ‘Why’ is my family,” she said. “I’m doing this so we can all spend more time together, and my husband doesn’t have to be so stressed about work.”

Juliano has larger goals, as well.

“I tell my kids all the time that one day soon I’ll be driving that silver Audi,” she said. “It’s not just for the car, but also that being a Platinum Partner will bring our family the personal freedom and growth we all seek. I intend to continue growing as a person.”