It’s certainly been a whirlwind. From our Fiji journey to our regional road show to our most recent incentive trip in Aruba, we’ve scarcely had time to catch our breath—and that’s a good thing: it means we are riding a wave of momentum and are part of something greater than any of us could have imagined when we started.

That sentiment was echoed at the DSA annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, that took place last month. I had the opportunity to convene with a record number of top executives from billion-dollar direct selling companies—like Avon, Nu Skin and Amway—for two-days of education about the timing and trends impacting our industry today. We were shown that revenues and recruiting are up for direct selling both nationwide and worldwide (which means you’re committed to the BEST entrepreneurial path). We saw that, as corporate executives, we need to continually challenge our leaders and equip them with the tools to empower their downteams (every incentive and product we unveil is designed to do just that). And we were advised that we need to continually create categories to maintain market dominance (we all know “category creator” and “Viridian” are brand terms that have gone hand-in-hand since our inception).

We’re excited about all the messages that were shared from the national stage, but we never lose sight of the fact that our brand identity and consistency is critical to our ability to take advantage of all the industry momentum headed our way. Besides ensuring that Associates CAN do this, and it IS worth it, there is nothing more important than imparting the knowledge that who we are as a community is the greatest gift of all. Generation V is, and will always be, the center of our success.

If you’ve had a chance to review my column in Direct Selling News titled “Building Brand, Earning Trust,” (click here to read), you’ll notice that I explore that very notion—the impact that brand identity has on a company’s momentum.

No matter what type of business we are talking about, successful companies operate based on the principles of consistency, transparency and uncompromised core values. Knowing—and owning—who you are, as well as being recognizable and demonstrating transparency, earns the trust of customers and entrepreneurs alike. For me, in both my personal and professional life, ensuring that steadfast commitment begins by asking a simple question:

Who are you or who do you want to become?

The answer to that question serves as your foundation for everything else. It forms your brand identity. It crafts your persona. And, perhaps, most importantly, it gives you the confidence, conviction and drive to create an environment in which you and your business—and oftentimes both—thrive and evolve. There are few things that stop an organization in its tracks more quickly than a lack of inner belief or strayed vision.

Building your brand and earning trust is simple. It’s about being thoughtfully aware of the decisions you make and how they affect your business image; making sure the authentic “you” shows up consistently and reliably; and ensuring that others learn your inner truth.

Your brand will unquestionably experience challenging times; after all, every business has its challenges. And those obstacles will sprinkle seeds of doubts in the minds of stakeholders. But here at Viridian, we have laser focus and concise business development strategies, and those strategies have remained solid throughout our development and have withstood even the most challenging of times. No matter what situation arises, our Associates and customers know what they get when they align with us, and they can count on us in both certain and uncertain times.

We are who we are; we stand by our principles and you know you can always trust us to do so. You know what quickens our pulse and part of that is continually being “present” in the lives of our customers, Associates and staff.