A New Day, A New Dawn!



There are mornings when you just know it’s going to be a good day, and I’ve had a lot of those mornings since joining Viridian. But, one day recently stood out as an especially exciting day—the day we heard the news that Viridian will be its own privately owned entity.

Three months ago I made the life-changing decision—just like you did—to be part of Viridian. In doing so, I left the familiar comfort of my past behind and stepped into a new, exciting future with all of you. Many of you have heard me tell the story about how the Viridian Sustainability Report truly changed the course of my life. When Cami Boehme, our COO, shared a copy of the report with me, I read it cover to cover the first night. Then I read it again, and again.

In time, I came to realize why the words on those pages affected me in such a great way. It wasn’t just a company saying it wanted to make a difference in the world. It was a company who was actually doing it—and doing it BIG. Traveling 7 continents in 7 years. Launching the Sun+One project, where for every 15 solar installs, a solar installation is provided to an underprivileged family in the US. Avoiding seven billion pounds of carbon emissions—seven billion! These were metrics and ideals I had only read about, much less seen a company in my industry paving the way and actually accomplishing them. I saw the best opportunity in this industry just waiting to become a household name.

Since joining Viridian, I’ve experienced the most amazing culture in my career. The knowledge, heart, passion, dedication and commitment in each member of our leadership and in each of you is inspiring. I know exactly what Paul and the new team members saw in this company because I saw it, too.

Here are my top reasons why I believe this is a groundbreaking new day for Viridian:

  1. Quick Decision-Making. Management will now be able to make decisions more efficiently and in the best interest of our Associates.
  2. Agility and Flexibility As market demands change and competition rises, you’ll be promptly provided with the best products and services possible.
  3. New Products. With Crius now a strategic partner, we are able to entertain other potential partnerships with non-energy products and services. This will help build Viridian beyond our current 17 US markets and Australia.
  4. Leadership. We have the uninterrupted benefit of Michael Fallquist as our Founder and on the Board of Directors of the new Viridian, with the added advantage of having our own full-time CEO, Paul Booth, who is a veteran of the network marketing industry.
  5. Experience. The new leadership team combined has a collective 100+ years in the industry, and they each saw the promise of Viridian.
  6. Crius is our exclusive energy partner and will remain as such. Crius and its leadership have a vested interest in ensuring that Viridian is successful.
  7. Long Term Vision. Our new CEO, Paul Booth, is an industry veteran of 30 years. He has walked in your shoes, led companies on the corporate side and been a vendor to Viridian and to the industry for decades. He decided to step aside from his role as CEO of DPI and into the role of CEO of the new Viridian. As Paul says, “Our goal is to build a true legacy company that will far exceed the lifetimes of our current Associates.”
  8. Our mission is what first attracted Paul to Viridian as a vendor, and is now behind Viridian’s partnership with Crius as a vendor. Together, we are all dedicated to taking the mission of doing well by doing good and carrying it throughout everything we do.

Viridian doesn’t, and will never, feel like a job for me. It’s a privilege to serve such a great cause and give you what you need to become all you were designed to be. I know that each of you has the greatness needed to succeed inside of you already. I’ve seen the burning desire in your eyes and your unrelenting commitment to both Viridian’s mission and to your own Why. I can confidently tell you that we are all in the right place at the right time—as individuals, as a company, as Generation V.