A Message From Paul Booth to All Associates

Today is a new day for Viridian!

As you have certainly seen or heard by now, Crius Energy and our new company, Viridian International Management, have entered into a dynamic and strategic partnership to take Viridian to the next level. As part of that partnership, we will be taking over management for the network marketing channel for Crius, and building an even stronger Viridian that we will grow into a world-class network marketing company.

Let’s pause and take that in for a minute. What does that really mean?

To put it simply, I believe there is tremendous unlocked potential in the Viridian brand and in each of you and your teams. What Generation V has achieved in your current corporate structure and with just one product category is staggering. But, you know what? My time in network marketing tells me that what Viridian can achieve with a team of dedicated people and expanded product offerings will be even more impressive. As founder and CEO of Data Paradigm, I have helped many network marketing companies achieve astronomical success over the past 25 years, and I saw with Viridian an opportunity so compelling that I could no longer sit on the sidelines.

I am so sure of this and so sure of Viridian’s potential that I have gathered some of the most savvy investors and colleagues in our industry (and alienated others), and “bet the farm” as they say.

But to me this isn’t a gamble because I KNOW how successful Viridian will be with a new structure that gives it dedicated focus; a dedicated team focused on building a world-class network marketing organization; new, expanded product lines; and the insights of a dedicated team of network marketing veterans.

And because I have been an independent seller myself, I know how critical it is that we all succeed. You are relying on corporate to enable you to build your Viridian business, in order to make that mortgage payment, put that child through college, spend more time with your family and thrive rather than merely survive in retirement. Believe me, I get it. And, I am 100% certain that Viridian can now become bigger and more successful than it has ever been.

At the same time, I understand that today’s news may have been difficult for many of you to hear. You may feel as though Viridian was bought, or sold, and that you had no say in the matter. And while technically we purchased many of the assets of the company, that doesn’t reflect the spirit of what Mike, Cami and I have in mind for the future of Viridian. The spirit of this transaction is represented in one simple thought: enable Viridian to reach its fullest potential!

The Viridian culture, its people, cannot be replicated and is what has made it great! For many years, I have wanted to lead a radically successful network marketing company – because I love the industry and the opportunities it affords. And, to be honest, as I partnered with other organizations behind the scenes helping them and their independent sellers succeed and envisioning my future dream, I never even considered that sustainability would be a part of my future, ideal network marketing company. But all that has changed as I have watched this company, this corporate team, this field. You have something truly special. Truly unique. And I have seen a lot of companies I can compare you with. There is simply no comparison to Generation V. For the many many months of collaboration with your corporate team before we launched VCenter together and in the many months since, I have been impressed with the impeccable work ethic and commitment to the field in your corporate team. As I supported you and participated in your national events PowerUP! 2015 and Accelerate 2016, I have been greatly moved and impressed by your culture, your community, your camaraderie and your spirit. And most recently as I have spent countless hours with your Associate leaders and corporate team in Italy and in the weeks afterward, I have been moved by the commitment, the passion and the unparalleled leadership of Generation V. The passion that I saw, the commitment that I felt to the Viridian community and to Viridian’s sustainability mission were truly incredible – that X-factor is something no business planner can account for, no balance sheet will ever reflect. And, let me tell you, it made this decision a no-brainer for me. I simply had to be a part of this company’s future. It’s that commitment to building a better world for future generations, that GenV spirit, that will continue to carry Viridian forward.

That’s why I’m so pleased that Cami Boehme has agreed to join us and become a critical part of our new organization – applying her inspired drive and impeccable work ethic as our Chief Operating Officer. I have worked side by side with Cami and can speak very personally to her commitment to each one of you and to her excitement for the future as we enable you to be even more successful. Cami will help ensure that the Viridian mission is steadfast and that the new Viridian has complete continuity as we claim our rightful leadership position alongside network marketing’s elite.

She and I look forward to sharing further details on Viridian’s bright new future with you in the coming weeks. And you won’t want to miss the opportunity to be present at PowerUP! this year as we share more of our vision for the future of this great company. In the meantime, know that from a practical point of view, it will be as if very little has changed. We will ensure you have total continuity in your business and we will continue rolling out the exciting new GenVTeam bonuses and residuals that you heard about earlier this month. In the immediate future, we will continue to ensure you have the tools, support, training, events and more to help you build your business. And, moving forward, we are working quickly to align Viridian with exciting new opportunities and partners in order to attract more individuals to our opportunity than ever before.

What will change is our commitment to rapid growth and the expanded team of people dedicated to support you and to help us realize that commitment.

I had the pleasure of leading my very first Viridian Ambassador meeting as CEO last night and I literally have not slept, given all the excitement I feel to be a part of such a promising community! We have so much opportunity before us and I can’t wait for each and every one of us to realize our dreams.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you the tremendous respect I have for Viridian Founder Michael Fallquist. It is very rare to find complete alignment in long-term thinking in a peer or partner. But I can tell you Mike’s vision, Cami’s vision and my vision for Viridian are in lockstep. I look forward to benefitting from Mike’s insights as he becomes the inaugural member of our Board of Directors. And I look forward to working with all of you and getting to know each of you better in the days and years ahead.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read such a long message. Let’s get back to work, expanding our collective impact and making Viridian the $1 billion business we know it will be!

Paul Booth