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A Follow Up with Father Ed

RFP Spotlight January 2011
You were first introduced to Father Edmund Nadolny back in August in our first issue of VLife. The spotlight featured Father Ed’s Good News fund, his adoption mission efforts in the Ukraine, and his Viridian “disciples”, all with a dash of his spunky good nature and sly sense of humor.

While his initial efforts were promising, we wanted to check in with him this month to see how his first year as one of Viridian’s pioneer fundraisers wrapped up.

When reminiscing about why he joined Viridian, he admits it was a leap of faith. “The only time you fail is when you don’t try. I saw huge potential to save people money and raise money, so figured I should give it a shot,” said Nadolny. Father Ed, who is a priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, enrolled as a fundraising entity shortly after independent Associate Ted Terhune knocked on his door last February. Already a local personality, Nadolny quickly began recruiting customers and Associates by using his local public access show, newsletter and built­in network of parishioners and church organizations.

Since he started with Viridian, Father Ed has grown his network to 56 Associates and more than 500 personally enrolled customers. More importantly, his hard work has translated into real dollars for charitable causes. He has raised over $12,000 this year, with December’s commission totaling
$3,400 for a single paycheck. Father Ed uses the Viridian funds for three main causes: assistance in orphan adoption missions, donations to help parishioners from mortgage foreclosure and regular purchasing of gift cards to Stop ‘n Shop, the local grocery store.

“This isn’t the inner­city. It is suburbia,” he said. “But there is real need in the community.” And Father Ed sees the income opportunity for Associates, annual electricity savings, and the fundraising as an answer to those needs.

So how does he do it? He attributes his success to a constant willingness to reach out to his network and keep up with his growth. He makes it a point to talk to anyone and everyone about Viridian and encourages them to do the same.

“If you’re making money, talk about it. If you’re saving money, talk about it,” he said. Sounds simple enough. Having been blessed with the gift of talk himself, Father Ed Nadolny has used his talents for good cause to raise funds with Viridian and, ultimately, to help those in need. With its recent improvements, the Viridian Residual Fundraising Program continues to do good through the talents of dynamic community leaders like Father Ed.