7 Continents in 7 Years: Raising the Bar Year after Year

Coming off one of our 7 Continents in 7 Years trips, one can only be left with feelings of renewal, reinvigoration and humility. This year’s voyage to Fiji was no exception.

I am continually blown away when it comes to the footprints we leave in the wake of our global journeys. We leave these towns illuminated, hopeful and inspired. Our impact is lasting and our trips continually raise the bar from an impact perspective. This year, I had the fortunate opportunity to embark with our top earners and corporate executives to Fiji to leave our mark on our fourth continent, Australia/Oceania.

On a personal level, the experience—as it always is—was pretty life-changing, especially when you consider the lasting affect we had on the fishing village. We provided solar lanterns to 120 families and mounted solar to two roofs to bring light to the village; we installed an energy efficient freezer in their community center so fisherman can maximize their livelihood; we taught students about how the sun and wind generate energy; and we reforested degraded grasslands that had seen better days.

It was a pretty remarkable experience.

One thing that really stood out to me was the broader impact we left on this community, particularly as it relates to their economy. Specifically, we didn’t just illuminate a village so they could read and convene in the light; rather we illuminated a village to enable them to enjoy greater livelihood. This village of 1,000 people and 120 homes depends largely on the fisherman. Currently, fishermen have to travel one to three hours by boat to find robust areas where they can fish, as the local fish stock is becoming increasingly scarce. However, by installing the freezer—so that they can store their catch—we helped them maximize their economic opportunity. It was fascinating and powerful to know we played a direct role in their economic vitality.

Another moment I will hold close is a conversation I had with the local school’s headmaster. During our visit, the headmaster commented how he was grateful Viridian spent the time educating his students about the importance of sustainability and renewable energy because those are chief values also shared by the school. Aside from teaching math, English and how to be a good fisherman, among many other subjects, the school’s officials are focused on sustainability as a core principle. Our mission could not have aligned more perfectly.

Viridian at its core is about “power with purpose” and a significant part of any of the 7 Continents in 7 Years trips is getting to hear the stories of our very own Associates. When you meet and talk with our field—and learn about what drives them… their “why”—you really gain understanding into who is Generation V. You gain understanding as to what inspires our field. This time always serves as a reminder to me that Viridian is not just about a paycheck. In fact, many of the Associates share that exact same passion as I do for ongoing betterment and social responsibility. It’s a very stark reminder every time I get the opportunity to spend time with these people.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to join us on one of these life-affirming journeys, now is the time to run through the tape. Earn your way to those coveted ranks so that by the time we are ready to voyage to our fifth continent next year, you are right there beside us.

So how do you get there?

You get there by being coachable, by being willing to take advice from the people who have built Generation V. Network marketing is not an acquired skill; rather, it’s a learned skill and it’s not easy. It’s challenging and all relationships. And, at the end of the day, it’s a business. The number one way you accomplish something like this is to treat your Viridian venture like a business. It’s a thriving business you need to understand. You need to have a firm handle on how to rank up and how to set goals, just as I do with my employees and as the Board of Directors does for me. Viridian is a business not a hobby and if you treat it as a hobby, your results will always be indicative of something you treat as a pastime.

To all the Associates, corporate team members and Fiji villagers who were a part of this journey: thank you for a truly remarkable experience. I eagerly look forward to our next global adventure.