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7 Continents in 7 Years: Nicaragua in the News

The media is talking about our fifth 7 Continents in 7 Years journey to Nicaragua. Find out why the press is taking note of Viridian’s global sustainability efforts:

Connecticut Group Installs Power at Homes in Nicaragua
WATCH: CBS Connecticut talks to Diamond Partner Terrie Walker talks about going from successful to significant through Viridian’s 7C7Y Nicaragua journey WFSB.com:

Nicaragua-Media-EN3“It’ll help with their commerce, because they are farmers and working with light in their homes,” Walkersaid. “Now, children can read, mothers can take care of their children and the compound effect is phenomenal.”
Walker said the families were appreciative.

“It was one of elation, because they understood compound effect this was going to have on their lives,economically, educationally and for their family and community,” she said. “The smiles were ear-to-ear and definitely tears on both sides.”

“When you can do something so rewarding for those people that is going to help for a long time, it transforms from successful to significant when you know you created a legacy,” Walker said. Read More…

Basking Ridge man helps bring power to remote village in Nicaragua
NJ.com interviews Diamond Ambassador Joe Occhiogrosso on the impact of his journey to Nicaragua:

Nicaragua-Media-NJThe remote village of Portrero Platanal, Nicaragua has never had power since it was built 100 years ago.But thanks to Basking Ridge native Joe Occhiogrosso and 35 other volunteers, reading a book by electric light past dark or making a phone call is now possible.

Occhiogrosso said electricity will help benefit the children’s education. There’s one teacher in the community and she could only work on school plans while it was still light outside, he said. She had a kerosene lamp, but it’s not safe to breathe in the fumes for more than a half hour, he explains. Now, she can spend more time on lesson plans and give the kids more homework.

“It’s really going to completely transform their lives from an education basis,” Occhiogrosso says. “The teacher is actually quoted in a video saying, ‘One of our kids can grow up to be a lawyer, doctor.’ Thatwould never happen (without electricity) because they were always so far behind in reading and writing.” Read More…

Connecticut-based Viridian Energy demonstrates power of off-grid electrification in Nicaragua
Viridian’s 7C7Y Nicaragua journey shines in the solar industry’s PV Magazine:

Nicaragua-Media-PVViridian Energy partnered with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that provides off-grid solar power to rural communities in Nicaragua. The “voluntourists” went through special training to prepare for the installation of custom off-grid PV systems designed to meet the average family’s electricity needs for years to come.

“It’s humbling to be reminded of the difference solar power can make in remote areas,” said EdwardKenny, a Viridian Associate from Maryland. “For the first time, these families saw a light bulb come oninside their home, plugged in their first appliance, read a book by lamplight, and we were privileged tohelp make that happen and experience these moments with them. We believe renewable energy needs to be the foundation for the world’s energy supply and we are proud to be part of Viridian Energy as it helps to make that change.” Read More…

Viridian Energy Brings Sustainable Power to Nicaraguan Community
Direct Selling News highlights 7 Continents in 7 Years:

Nicaragua-Media-DSN“This year residents of a rural Nicaraguan village turned on a light switch for the first time, thanks to Viridian Energy and its 7 Continents in 7 Years global sustainability initiative.”

“As our fifth project, completed in our fifth year of operation, the work in Portrero Platanal represents our most ambitious project to date, as well as a significant milestone for Viridian,” Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist said in the company’s release. “I was personally proud to be a part of this installation as it serves as further proof of Viridian’s holistic efforts to fulfill our obligation as a responsible, global, corporate citizen.” Read More…

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