2015: Your Year of Laser Focus

Our mantra at the Leadership Retreat was clear: this is the year for members of Generation V to bridge the way to our bright future. During the weekend we talked about how to get there namely by focusing, connecting and growing. Specifically, I want to reflect on why focus is perhaps the most important thing you need to take charge and grow your business.

But first, let’s back track…

Any time you attend to a big event like the Leadership Retreat, you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of likeminded people. You spend a few days soaking up wisdom, the best motivational tips and inspiration from the speakers and achievers. You hear about the amazing year ahead. But the reality is that as soon as you get home life overtakes you and, as we all know, the enemies of network marketing professionals show up: time and distraction.

This is why it’s extremely important to be disciplined about remaining focused. Focus means forbidding things that cause you to over- or under-react to have power over you. It’s about saying, “I refuse to give up my focus and be distracted; I refuse to give energy to what will not repay me for a benefit.”

When it comes to the enemies stealing your focus, they generally fall into three categories. Let’s take a look:

  1. Outside Forces: There are a myriad of external factors warring to be the main thing in your life. These forces hunger and desire to be at the center of your thoughts, and they will quickly steal your resolve and attention. As you look ahead to 2015, realize that outside forces will always get in the way of steadfast concentration because the world wants you to focus on it rather than yourself.
  2. Other People: There are always those people in your life who don’t want you to change, rise, step out of the status quo, fulfill your purpose or reach your potential. Sometimes it’s because doing so can make them feel small. Other times it’s about control, or simply selfishness on their part to keep you all to themselves. Pinpoint the people in your life who distract in both subtle and blatant ways and steer clear whenever possible.
  3. Ourselves: By nature we procrastinate. Many times we like to do the easy, fun things first and continually push the hard things to the backburner. We prefer the path of least resistance because it’s human nature. This year, make sure you’re not the one standing in your own way.

Coming into a year where we are talking about laser focus, it’s incredibly important to take a look at these three areas and think about who or what is blurring your focus. That’s where mental discipline comes in. Picture what focus looks like in your mind, let that idea travel to your words to make you accountable, to your hands so you can take action, and then let it travel to your feet to see where your resolve will take you.

When we talk about focus, we need to discuss another component of network marketing success—spirituality. While spirituality is different from person-to-person, it’s hard to deny the fact that people get incredible power from a spiritual centeredness. When you can find what gives you that inner strength, make that a priority—whether it’s yoga and meditation, a congregation and a church experience or nature and music. Find it because when you pinpoint your center, you’ll come face-to-face with your focus and can return to it when the distraction comes your way. And it will… guaranteed.

A bright year is ahead of us. So pinpoint your resolve and discipline and refuse to be distracted by things that simply don’t impact the grand design. When an interruption makes its way in front of you, ask yourself: is this going to matter in one month? In one year? In 10 years? Most of the time the answer is “no,” and you have to let it go and say, “I won’t focus on that and let it take my energy, time and life.”

As we move into what’s going to be one of the most incredible journeys in our history, have this be the year of absolute laser focus and flawless execution, and let’s take it the top!