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#1 Top Reason to Attend PowerUP! 2016: ELEVATE

010_MG_1372There are so many reasons to attend PowerUP! 2016 that we can’t possibly cover them all at once. As we count down to the big event, we will highlight the top reasons why you should make every effort to participate. This week, Viridian Partner Marseil Jackson shares his thoughts on how the year’s premier event will help you elevate your business—and your life.

When I started with Viridian, my goal was to make money. I’ve always had ambitions of becoming a successful entrepreneur and being wealthy. The Viridian 2.0 compensation plan, unveiled on September 20, 2015, was like a light going on in my head; I believed I could really make good money with this opportunity. It took me a little while longer of putting in the time with my business to fully realize that what Viridian contributes to my bank account based on my solitary efforts is minor compared to what I gain by engaging in Generation V and the Viridian culture.

The annual PowerUP! convention is your chance to take advantage of those Viridian assets in spades. I learned from attending Accelerate in February that spending time with like-minded people who are doing the same thing you’re doing—or are already at a place where you aspire to be—is inspirational and potentially life changing. That’s why I’ve enthusiastically encouraged my team to join me in Washington for PowerUP! 2016.

When I got back from Accelerate, I felt prepared to take my business to the next level—and it worked. I was on fire! In only one month, I was able to qualify for the Silver Circle car program. Accelerate did, in fact, accelerate my business. Now, I’m looking forward to PowerUP! doing the same for the Associates on my team. I’m even inviting Associates who have not been active to come to PowerUP! since I so whole-heartedly believe it will help them build trust in the industry, build confidence in themselves and elevate their businesses to the highest height.

At the event, Viridian’s top field leaders will teach you what they did to become successful, and you’ll have the chance to talk with them and the Viridian executive team. After all, the relationship with corporate is a great one to develop, as these are the people overseeing and supporting your business.

One of the greatest benefits of attending PowerUP! is the opportunity to create new friendships. I’m one of the youngest people on our team, so the event gives me the chance to meet Associates who are my age and in the same stage of life. I’ve been blessed to connect with fellow Associates who have almost become like family to me, and we’re helping one another grow our businesses.

Also, being at PowerUP! means you’re among the first to hear what’s new with Viridian—from new opportunities, to new tools and special promotions.

Being a part of Viridian has been very financially rewarding for me and is now my full-time occupation. The vast majority of my team has seen the compensation plan be very financially rewarding for them as well. That’s the thing about this opportunity that I love best: I can actually tell people, “Hey, I can show you how to make some money if you work hard and believe in the business.”

Everything starts with your mindset, meaning that you need to have your head in the game to win. PowerUP! 2016 is your chance to shift your set way of thinking and acquire the tools to take your business higher and higher.

PowerUP! is a great opportunity to learn firsthand from the pros in our business and industry. These professionals will fuel your drive to boost your Viridian business long after you leave Washington, D.C. This year the focus will be on doing just that: elevating your business, your life, your purpose. Take advantage of PowerUP! 2016. Join us to be transformed and inspired like never before!