1 Million and Counting: We are Solar Strong


Hey, GenV! As I write this, the United States just hit a remarkable milestone: over 1 million solar installations producing clean, reliable energy all across the nation. And while it took America 40 years to cross the 1 million finish line, research suggests it will take our country just another 24 months to hit 2 million installations. That’s how quickly the hottest and most sustainable energy trend is sweeping the U.S. and our planet! I could not be prouder to be a part of the Viridian network with thousands of Independent Associates bringing responsible energy to the masses.Graphic 1

And at Viridian, as we join our friends at the Solar Energy Industries Association to mark #MillionSolarStrong, I have never been more encouraged, inspired and excited to see people realize the benefits of generating clean energy right on their rooftops. Consumers, businesses and governments have already done so much to fuel the near-warp speed of renewable energy growth.

We have passionate Associates who live and breathe our sustainable energy products, as well as a solar advisory team who understand that not every home is a “one-size-fits-all” scenario. Our business model is helping to turn the tide toward renewable energy. We continue to optimize consumer interest for renewable energy through our trusted network marketing model, while leveraging our customer data to understand the wants and needs of both home-owners and business-owners, on a deeper level.

Late last year, we also pledged to do more to help customers share the power of solar. That’s why we introduced SUN PLUS ONE™ — a unique pay-it-forward program that empowers solar customers to share the benefits of affordable, clean energy with the people who need it most. For every 15 customers who go solar with Viridian, we’ll donate one solar power system to a family in need.

Graphic 2We celebrate solar today and every day as we continue down the path toward a more sustainable future. A world powered by clean energy is truly within our grasp – and with new regulations, increased consumer education and technologies like solar energy growing and improving every day, we have every reason to be optimistic.

The power is in consumer’s hands, and simple, easy adjustments can have an immense, positive effect on our planet. To the one million consumers who have chosen to power their homes with clean energy: We celebrate you today!