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We journeyed to Nicaragua, “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes,” for our fifth 7 Continents in 7 Years global initiative. We come with open hearts, helping hands and perhaps most importantly … solar panels! And here in in Portrero Platanal, those solar panels had been eagerly anticipated. The village farmers and householders had been saving from their meager earnings, and each contributed to the cost. Viridian gladly made up the difference, and worked with project partner GRID Alternatives to get the systems installed. In all, solar power was installed on 40 homes, bringing the opportunity for a better life to an entire community. Click here to watch all the video highlights.

  • Welcome to Nicaragua, our Central American neighbor but a world apart.
  • Jenna & Matt Stockwell, CT
    "Finding the Common Threads of Happiness and Home"
  • Nicaragua 2015: Another Powerful Journey
  • Jim Kenny, NJ
    "Increasing Impact With Every Continent"
  • Joe Occhiogrosso, NJ
  • Cami Boehme, Chief Strategy Officer
    "Power Changes Everything"
  • In this majestic, inspiring place, 23% of the population live without access to electricity.
  • Ed Kenny, MD
    "The Ride of My Life"
  • Michael Fallquist, Founder & CEO
  • Off-Grid Solar: A Life Changing Opportunity
  • Brenden Kenny, MA
    "Giving the Gift of a Lifetime"
  • “Energy poverty” creates a ripple effect throughout Nicaraguan society.
  • Bob Quintana, NJ
  • Terrie Walker, CT
  • Anthony Serino, NY
    "This Changes Everything!"
  • Working with Experts in Off-Grid Solar
  • Donna & Kevin French, MA
    "Using Solar to Enhance a Simple Happy Life"
  • UNICEF reports that fewer than 14% of Nicaraguan citizens have access to the Internet.
  • Illuminating A Teacher's Plan For Her Students' Future
  • Brian Nichols, NY
    "Uphill Climbs and a Faraway Family"
  • Justin Phillips, NY
    "The Joy of Life-Changing Light"
  • Michael FitzPatrick, NJ
    "The Powerful People of Platanal"
  • Because light and power open doors to education, nearly one in four adults are illiterate.
  • Ralph Malek, NY
    "A Reminder to Cherish What We Have"
  • Gus Philemont, NY
    "Words Cannot Describe the Impact"
  • Light Allows a farmers family to see beyond the darkness
  • In Portrero Platanal, 100% off-the-grid solar power makes all the difference in the world.
  • Hannah Wells, Manager of Sustainability
    "A Memory Ingrained Forever"
  • John LoPresto, NJ
    "An Attitude of Gratitude"
  • Sean Ahearn, MA
    "A Shared Language of Action and Effort"
  • Ken Olson, MA
    "A Flip of a Switch and a Village Full of Smiles"
  • RaeAnn Nichols, NY
    "A Journey Full of Challenges and Rewards"
  • “Light changes everything,” the farmers told us. Electricity is the key to a better life.
  • Chris Galli, MA
    "A Changed Man for the Better, Forever"
  • Kevin Keith, MA
    "Seeing a Vision Come to Life"
  • Sorba Brima, Manager of Field Development
  • Barbara Serino, NY
    "It Was Like Seeing a Miracle Unfold"
  • Through its gift of 40 solar installations, Viridian left a legacy of hope.
  • Peter Walker, CT
    "No Drop in the Ocean is Insignificant"
  • Lisa Pierre Louis, Marketing Project Coordinator
  • The most fulfilling work
  • Thrill Time and Chill Time
  • Heather Cassidy, Senior Manager of Associate Services & Customer Care
    "Teaming Up to Make a Real Difference"
  • Ryan Fernandez, Operations Supervisor
  • Jim Hennigan, MA

7 Continents in 7 Years: Nicaragua in the News!


The media is buzzing about our fifth 7 Continents in 7 Years journey to Nicaragua. Find out why the press is taking note of Viridian’s global sustainability efforts.

Working with Experts in Off-Grid Solar


Learn more about Viridian’s Nicaragua project partner GRID Alternatives. Their planning and expertise helped us accomplish our most ambitious project to date.