As a Viridian Associate, you have all the potential of a young oak tree. You can see the top of the forest canopy and there is nothing standing in your way from getting there, as long as you keep growing your business one new Associate and customer at a time. But unlike a tree, which has limited growing potential, there is no ceiling to the heights you can reach. The more you sell, the more rewards—like new cars, earned spots on incentive trips and a chance to participate in our global outreach efforts—will come your way.

So, why wait another week to grow your team? Here are a few tips to keep rank advancement in focus:

Set a weekly networking goal: How many new prospects will you show the program to this week? Look at how much time you would like to devote to your direct selling profession and set a realistic goal. Then, try and raise the bar by increasing your weekly networking goal in small increments.

Connect with your warm market: Remember that lawyer you haven’t talked to in a month? How about your old college buddy? Potential Viridian Associates and customers are all around you, just think of who you already know. Reach out to those around you and invite them to embrace a green lifestyle.

Revamp your social strategy: Use social media to reach out to old friends and colleagues and bring them up to speed. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can help inform those in your network about your new entrepreneurial path.

Use your weekends to your advantage: Why waste a Saturday sitting around the house when you could go out and grow your business? Just think about all the ways you can enjoy your weekend once you reach your direct selling goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up, get out and start showing the program!