Not only does Germany hold the title of 2014 World Cup champion, but the country is also winning the race toward ensuring its renewable and affordable energy future is brightest worldwide.

Though the country is already a world leader in green energy adoption, one of the largest nations in the EU isn’t planning on scaling back any time soon. Just this year, the country set a record by generating 74 percent of its power from renewable resources in a single day—largely from wind and solar sources—part of another record 27 percent green energy production it set in the first quarter of 2014. The milestones were achieved thanks in part to big gains in renewable technology and increased worldwide interest in the sector.

New advances in technology are of particular note, which have increased the production and storage capacity for solar installations while reducing the costs and space the arrays occupy. It is this that has driven wide-scale adoption, both through businesses building their own arrays and consumers increasingly turning toward green energy sourcing to meet their monthly needs.

The bright future for affordable energy in Germany has not been without its clouds, though. Germany is currently in negotiations with the EU over its policy requiring big industries to pay heavy surcharges for producing its own green energy. Under the EU’s guidelines, industrial companies would need to pay a 30 percent surcharge for in-house production, twice as much as a previous proposal, which would compromise the affordability of such a movement.

However, the country has proposed a change with the European Commission that would ease these surcharges and help Germany secure certain energy rebates to help the industry continues its rise there. Bringing this legislation into harmony with the blossoming sustainability movement in the country will be key to preserving its status as a worldwide leader. At Viridian Energy, we’re looking forward to seeing how this winning country will continue to shine.