If you’ve stumbled across our website—or come here purposefully—chances are you are curious about network marketing. You want to know more about this industry that is garnering such attention that an estimated 50 percent of households will be involved in network marketing by next year. And you want to understand why so many of your friends and families are becoming involved.

Network marketing is a simple concept to understand. It’s all about relationship marketing, or reaching out to your warm market to sell a product or service. It’s also about spreading the word to your friends and family that they too can become Associates and enjoy growing and managing their own business. Let’s take a look at five telltale signs network marketing is right for you:

  1. You Have a Large Network: Are you someone who frequently has luncheons with old friends, phone calls with family members and email exchanges with former work colleagues? Is your network of friends and family vast? Then network marketing is a logical choice for you. By teaming with a company like Viridian, for example, you can embrace your warm market contacts and encourage them to switch their electricity or gas providers to save money over time. In this business, you don’t ever have to work with strangers.
  2. You Want a Better Life: Whether a better life for you means financial gains or freedom from a 9-to-5 job to spend more time with your kids, network marketing allows you to improve your situation. That’s because you become your own boss and business; you are the one in charge of your hours and earning potential. If you have a compelling “why”—such as a better, more fulfilling job or the ability to retire at 50—then network marketing is a path to consider.
  3. You’re Social: Do you like attending corporate events? Do you enjoy public speaking? Do you like being in the company of creative thinkers? Network marketing is all about socializing, so social butterflies take notice. But even if you are the person who prefers to sit in the back row and listen, you can still find your spot within this industry. That’s because this industry also greatly rewards those who absorb information like sponges—and are willing and able to use best practices to grow their business.
  4. You’re Looking for a Different Purpose: It can be hard to remain motivated in a typical office job, especially if you are in a thankless role. But many network marketing companies allow you to discover newfound purpose. Viridian, for example, is all about improving the lives of others by encouraging them to make more sustainable choices when it comes to their electricity and natural gas usage. A proponent of local and global stewardship, Viridian believes in betterment, education and social consciousness.
  5. You Like to Compete With Yourself: Network marketing is the best form of self-competition because you—and you alone—stand in the way of your possible revenue. This business is all about rank advancement and limitless earning potential; therefore, if you’re driven, focused and excited by the thought of routine promotion, network marketing is an ideal career path for you.

So… ready to join the millions of others in the network marketing world?