As more people living in states with energy deregulation laws learn about the benefits of switching electricity providers, the number of websites devoted to helping customers make the switch is also rising.

ChooseEnergy, for example, has been operating in Texas for more than five years, but as New York’s competitive electric market starts to take off, the energy comparison service has traveled to the Northern state to expand its operations.

The service will allow New York residents to compare the rates of retail energy providers in the region, and show how much they could save by switching.

New York was the obvious new market for us because it’s one of the largest and most competitive areas in the United States, said Jerry Dyess, CEO of ChooseEnergy. New York is a vibrant and forward looking market and with the launch of our New York platform, consumers can now get access to real-time pricing and the ability to switch providers from one website – making the process very simple.

Baltimore residents are also benefiting from energy deregulation,and comparison websites are growing here, too. According to the Baltimore Business Journal, Point Click Switch is seeing major success in the region as the decision to switch electricity providers becomes more popular.