In four short years, three brothers and a nephew who call themselves Team V have reached the pinnacle of achievement at Viridian: Ambassador Rank.

“I think together we bring our talents and skill sets to help expand our business model, which is the reason we were able to rise at such a fast clip to the rank of Ambassador,” says Brenden Kenny.

Setting up a family business dovetailed easily with the way Viridian does business, he adds.

millionaireCirlceLogo“You can definitely draw a lot of similarities between how Viridian’s built their business and how core family values work in America. And when you line up a good family business together with a company that already acts like a family, you can create so much success.”

According to brother Jim and nephew Michael FitzPatrick, working together as a family provided some unexpected advantages.

“It adds a higher degree of accountability,” observes FitzPatrick. “It provides an infrastructure of support to share and celebrate the good times — and to help each other when times are tough.”

Jim Kenny agrees. “In this business it’s a roller coaster ride. You know you have your highs and lows, and you know if you have a low you always have somebody to call to kind of get you back on track.”

All four believe bringing different skill sets that complement one another is what makes Team V successful.

“Brenden is one of the best presenters out there,” Jim says. “The passion that he brings to a presentation is phenomenal. Michael is very systems-orientated — the skill set he brings in terms of organizational capabilities is great. Ed is just extremely passionate about the business. He is a great inspiration to a lot of people.”

FitzPatrick strongly believes you do not have to be family to repeat this kind of team success. “This is four different human beings coming together to grow businesses. Whether you’re blood-related or not, that is duplicable across the board.”

According to FitzPatrick, working as a team also provides an advantage in expanding your network.

“We have Ed in Maryland, Jim and I are in New Jersey, Brenden is in Massachusetts. We have a wide reach when associates join our business, so we can help them create a diversified team because we have feet on the streets in key markets.”

“So if somebody starts getting busy somewhere, someone can be dispatched to go help support our vast team of four or five thousand associates,” say Ed. “They know that we can support anybody they bring into the fray, because we’re a four-headed monster.”

Brenden has advice for anyone aspiring to reach Viridian’s highest ranks.  He says Team V’s secret to reaching Ambassador Rank was simply believing they would.

“This business is one hundred percent in your mind. It’s a mind business. If you think you can, you can. Ultimately Viridian provides the vehicle to create as much success as you want. The only person that could stop you is you.  When we first started, we had the mindset that we were not going to let anything get in our way until we got into the top ranks of the company.”

Along with success, one unexpected reward is the opportunity to travel the world together, making it a better place.

“We went to Brazil and we planted trees in the rainforest, in the deforested section. It was an unbelievable trip going deep down the Amazon River — something I otherwise never, ever would have done in my life. We went to Jakarta, Indonesia, and built a dam and supplied two miles of PVC pipe to give a village of 400 people running water, which is something they didn’t have before,” says Ed. “When we go to these continents we make the continent better than it was before we got there. I didn’t realize the impact we were going to have on these communities that we touch.”

Referring to our “7 Continents in 7 Years” initiative, Brenden says: “Being able to spend that time not only with colleagues and business partners that you’ve helped develop into leaders, but also your family members, has been the icing on the cake.”

Aside from their financial success, the Kennys and FitzPatrick say the Viridian experience has changed their lives in other significant ways.

“It has brought me some tremendous friendships and relationships,” says FitzPatrick.  “It has helped me literally travel the world and — probably more importantly — ]it constantly forces me to work on becoming the best version of myself.”

“I believe that through this relationship with Viridian, each one of us has become stronger individually as a family member, a person, and a human being,” observes Brenden.

According to Jim, being part of Viridian has truly been a family affair.

“The second family we have are the other leaders that have come up through the ranks in Viridian.  We all love working together. We all know the collective impact that we have helping each other. We all gain and ultimately benefit from that.”

The bottom line according to the Kenny brothers and nephew Michael FitzPatrick? If you not only believe but know you can, and have people in your life who share your passion and complement your talents, you can realize the same extraordinary success as Team V.