Like his Viridian partner Frank Marone, Joe Occhiogrosso (affectionately known throughout the company as “Joe O.”) had another business before joining Viridian.

“Frank and I own a title agency, and life was good for a while until we got caught in the market plunge of 2008,” he said. “Being serial entrepreneurs we were always looking for a new venture, so when someone told us about energy deregulation, we took a closer look. We even lost a loan officer to the business, so we started looking at it more carefully.”

The duo did their homework and liked what they saw. “We started talking to people and someone told us about deregulation in Connecticut, and said it was coming to New Jersey. We reached out to the Corporate team, met them, and decided to put our involvement on a high priority.”

The rest is company history. Occhiogrosso’s record of success speaks for itself as he joins Frank Marone as one of the company’s first Diamond Ambassador teams. But their work is far from over.

As Occhiogrosso’s partner, Frank Marone said, “In the beginning we really needed the work, and for three years we worked hard. More than that, we worked smart: helping people in our downline reach their goals has helped us reach ours. If you’re selfish in this business, you won’t make it. At a certain point you’re making enough so that your focus completely shifts. Now we want to help others get to where we are now, so they can have financial freedom and feel the power of changing people’s lives.”

Joe O. has been surprised by how much the business has impacted those on his team. “People come up to me, to thank me for the inspiration. They say ‘You’ve changed my life, saved my home and my marriage,’” he said. “This is all extra stuff I didn’t expect from this business.”

He also finds joy in the simple things his success has afforded him.

“My ‘Why’ is going on vacation with my family, and not having to worry about the bills. Making sure my family has what it wants and needs is important to me,” he said. “Viridian not only offers money, but more time. Anyone can get a job and make money, but successful Viridian Associates are tired of trading time for money. Life is too short.”

As Marone said, “We’ll never quit this company because Viridian has rewarded us in so many ways and we want to pay it forward.”

Occhiogrosso finds Viridian a truly unique experience as he concludes that, “This company is the only one I’ve seen where everyone helps everyone else all the time. It’s the perfect business model.”