Jenna Marzullo-Stockwell, first female member of the Millionaire’s Circle

When Crown Partner Jenna Marzullo-Stockwell was named the newest—and first female—member of Viridian’s Millionaire’s Circle in January 2015, she took it less as a confirmation of how much she’s earned over the last five years and more as a sign of how much she’s grown.

Viridian President Meredith Berkich praised Jenna’s advancement: “Earning a place in the Millionaire’s Circle and becoming a seven-figure earner marks one of the highest levels of achievement in the Network Marketing profession,” she affirmed, adding that Jenna “leads by example with integrity.”

Jenna says that anyone who knew her when she first started at Viridian would say she’s come a long way. “I was afraid to speak in front of an audience before.” She worked with a coach, who told her speaking was a privilege and a chance to give people the best that she had. “The more you do it, the better you get at it,” Jenna shares. “Because I’m comfortable I can now find my true voice, and without the nerves I can speak from my heart.”

Jenna emphasizes that though Viridian has rewarded her well—including giving her an Audi—money is just a resource. “The money is a huge blessing; however, if it disappeared tomorrow, I would be so grateful for the personal transformation that this company has helped me with,” Jenna says. “Personal lessons far outnumber the financial.”

Before she joined Viridian, Jenna’s three-year-old business—two holistic centers offering yoga, massage and energy work—had been suffering, and she was considering declaring bankruptcy. She answered a Viridian help wanted ad, and after a lunch meeting with Michael Fallquist where she recognized his vision, she jumped in and became Viridian’s first Associate.

She comes from a large, close-knit Italian family, many of whom share her entrepreneurial spirit. Thirteen family members have been or currently are Viridian Associates, including her grandfather, who’s in his eighties. “My family, friends and husband are my support system,” she says. “Being Viridian’s first Associate, I don’t really have an upteam. It’s a unique position.”

Jenna’s entry into the Millionaire’s Circle was announced during the Rhode Island market launch meeting in January. Members of the Circle receive perks to help define and sustain each member’s personal brand, and other elite benefits, but despite the prestige, Jenna doesn’t expect to relax too much.

“I still build my business, especially because most of it is now solar and I believe in it so much,” Jenna says. “I try to set an example for my team, but also, I really like it. Of course there are times I can sit back and take it easy. But I try not to do that for too long.”

Jenna sees Viridian as a way to help people with personal growth—a large-scale expansion of how she worked with clients at her holistic center. “I look at my Viridian business as being similar in a lot of ways,” she explains. “I feel I’m helping the planet and helping empower people…I’m still coaching, I’m still mentoring.” And one of the best parts is that she gets paid well for doing that, she notes.

Jenna attributes her success with being passionate about responsible energy while being coachable and willing to learn from people she considered her role models. Yet she believes her achievements also have a lot to do with Viridian itself. “I’ve met an incredible network of people,” Jenna says. “Typically companies like this are product based. This is truly mission based.”

Jenna’s next goals? She says she hopes to write a book, and is considering opening up another holistic center.

“Within our company, I want to continue supporting the field. In our company we’re predominantly male. I want to help lead a woman’s movement within Viridian,” Jenna confided. Being in the Millionaire’s Circle, she says, gives her the motivation to do so. “If I was able to do it, I know there are many more women who will achieve this as well!”