If you ever need another reason to be a Viridian Associate, just spend 10 minutes speaking with Diamond Ambassador Frank Marone, one of the company’s brightest success stories and a true inspiration for anyone.

Joe [Occhiogrosso] and I began with the company in February of 2010, starting out by lining up Associates in New Jersey before we even had a product to offer,” Marone said, noting that the pair first met when they worked together in the foreign exchange currency market on Wall Street.

The duo joined Viridian during a pre-launch phase in their local market. Since they were not able to enroll local customers in Jersey Central Power & Light until August of that year, they had their work cut out for them. But hard work and determination paid off, starting with unprecedented customer growth in their markets, continuing as they quickly rose through the ranks once they began.

Asked what it felt like to have the true view from the top—a rarified spot at Viridian, Marone gave a short history of where he’d been, to get to where he is now. “Joe and I, along with three-time Super Bowl champion Bart Oates, have owned a title insurance company in New Jersey for the last seven years. We were driving that business, but then the economy hit us hard,” he said. “Up until Viridian came along we were holding on by a thread, and I was dipping into my credit line just to pay my bills. So coming aboard, I had to believe that this was going to pay off big time when we got there. My joining Viridian probably saved my house.”

After his initial meeting with the corporate team, Marone was sold. “We knew that green was going to be big, and we knew network marketing was going to be big,” he said. “Then, when you factor in that you can start getting residual income on top of it, we knew it was going to be huge!”

Frank is quick to note that they still have one more rank to go. (You keep reaching them, we’ll just keeping making new ones, guys.) But laughing at himself, he readily admits that it feels more than great—it’s exhilarating.

“I wake up in the morning every day thinking it’s another exciting day ahead. And it’s not so much about making money now: the income isn’t the driver anymore. At a certain point you’re making enough so that your focus completely shifts. Now we want to help others get to where we are now, so they can have financial freedom and feel the power of changing people’s lives. You get that phone call from someone who says ‘you saved my home,’ or ‘you saved my marriage’ or even ‘you saved my life.’ Nothing you can do as a job will ever come close to that. People go from being almost bankrupt to earning a higher residual income than they could have dreamed. It’s absolute proof of what this business can do.

“We’re proof, too. In the beginning we really needed the work, and for three years we worked hard. More than that, we worked smart: helping people in our downline reach their goals has helped us reach ours. If you’re selfish in this business, you won’t make it.”

We’ve reached the point where we have time to ourselves—true financial freedom. We’ll never quit this company because Viridian has rewarded us in so many ways and we want to pay it forward. “My family has always been my Why,” Marone said. “I want things in my life for my kids that I couldn’t get when I was growing up. I come from a family of modest means, and we lived a moderate life. Now I want to be able to take my family away on vacations, and hopefully spend more time together with them.”

“Most people go through their lives with so much stress, but at our level it’s not an issue anymore. That’s such a huge relief, especially for me: I’m the worrier on the team. But this is the kind of business you just enjoy being in. Every day we just pinch ourselves and say ‘thank God we got involved.’

“Some people say Viridian is too good to be true. Well, it’s too good, but it is very real. If you just follow the system and stay focused on your goals, you’ll get to where you want to be. Don’t let any distractions or negativity in, meaning don’t let people tell you it won’t work. When people don’t sign up they’re hoping you won’t succeed, because your success will prove them wrong. Listen to yourself, believe in yourself, and simply stick to your plan. If you follow the 8 steps, and you don’t quit, you can absolutely succeed.

“That’s what Joe and I focus on: Just don’t quit. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do what you want. With Viridian the future is so incredibly bright—brighter than it’s ever been. We wish thousands of people could feel how we feel, and we’re dedicating ourselves to making that happen.”