Bob and Pennie Quintana are two very different people. She is an artist—an actress. He is the consummate entrepreneur. But both embrace long-term commitment, in marriage and to their Viridian business.

Bob: While moving up to every new rank has been very fulfilling, there really is a particular feeling of accomplishment in doubling our customers from 50,000 (at Ambassador) to 100,000, and achieving the rank of Platinum Ambassador.

It’s an honor and a blessing to achieve this rank, and most of all it’s the result of many of our amazing team members and Associates successfully building their businesses—it is the amazing people on our team who got us here. Sure, we lead, mentor and coach, but we believe that every rank promotion in Viridian is a team win! My overall goal is to have 5 million+ -plus customers in our Viridian business. This means us helping to create at least 50 to -100 new Platinum Ambassadors in our organization in the next 3 to -5 years. We’ve reached this rank in just over three years, so we know it’s doable.

But doable isn’t the same as easy. When we started, Viridian was a very young company and New Jersey wasn’t even live. It was tough, and we made a lot of mistakes. But being a success is all about what I call your “Adversity Threshold”: People who are winners are the ones who keep going, especially when the going gets really tough. They rise above the obstacles (the adversity), and become part of the solution. I’ve found that your success in Viridian is directly correlated to your ability to handle adversity, and continue moving forward.

I always believed in my heart that Viridian would work for us, and I am blessed to have a wife like Pennie, who recognized that Viridian was a calling for me and gave me her complete support.

Pennie: As soon as Bob started his Viridian business, he was happy. You can’t put a price tag on that. I told him, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Bob has the vision, he understands leadership and he understands culture. He always makes taking care of the team his top priority. We play win-win, and we’re humbly grateful for what we’re receiving as a result.

Bob: Before I went into network marketing I’d owned traditional businesses for almost 20 years. My income was high, but I was trading time for money, always chasing the next deal, and I knew that was never going to change. By the time my sponsors shared Viridian with me, I had already worked with two other direct selling companies that had crashed and burned. I believed in the model of network marketing, and Viridian just made sense.

When I look back over the past 40 months with Viridian, I can say that building our business has been among the most challenging work I’ve done in my life—and also the most fulfilling! We’ve been through times of challenge and struggle, but it’s been worth it and then some. You have to come from faith—logic won’t get you there. Dream big, set your goals clearly, and have the faith to believe they’re possible. Achieving them may not be easy … but it will definitely be worth it!