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australia’s newest power couple: Customer enrolment IS LIVE!

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Viridian is excited and proud to help bring competitive, responsible electricity and gas offerings to Australian households through Click Energy, an innovative, award-winning energy supplier.

Click has more than 130,000 customers, received the Canstar Blue award for most satisfied customers in Queensland in 2015 and is the perfect partner for Viridian. Together, we’re set to provide a first-of-its-kind innovative and responsible energy offering Down Under! Now, with each passing moment, that vision moves closer to becoming a reality!

We are live for Customer Enrolment!


Associate enrolment IS NOW live IN AUSTRALIA!

Australians are passionate about the environment, and so is Viridian. That makes Australia a natural choice for our company’s first international expansion.  Whether you’re a Viridian Associate in the U.S. or an Australian interested in a Founding Associate in Viridian’s first international market, this is a huge opportunity.

Watch this video to hear from Viridian Founder Michael Fallquist, Viridian Vice President Robert A. McFadden and Viridian Director Alastair Stewart about this expansion.

If you’re in Australia
, attend one of our Opportunity Meetings and enrol now to get the special enrolment price of $299. Join us in our first international market, you will be part of a special few who will make history with us – bringing an unprecedented opportunity to savvy entrepreneurs like yourself.

If you’re a U.S. Associate, just ask yourself a couple of simple questions: Who do you know in Australia? Who do you know who might know someone in Australia? Our business is built on relationships. You know a lot of people, and they know a lot of people! It’s the same opportunity you have here, and now you can share it with people across the world. Just share the link to your Personal Website and watch your business grow!


The land down under already has the two critical components for Viridian’s success: ENERGY DEREGULATION and a vibrant NETWORK MARKETING industry.

thumb_2electEnergy deregulation is not new in Australia, but many Australians have yet to switch suppliers. Interestingly, only 15% of households on average have made the switch in most markets. Perhaps that’s because they don’t yet have a choice like Viridian: sustainable, affordable energy.


Network marketing is already a huge industry in Australia, but there are very few service companies in this sector. Most network marketing companies sell physical products, but just like in the U.S., our Australian Associates will be able to earn a sustainable income while helping others make a better choice for something they use every day!

We will offer electricity in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and South East Queensland as well as natural gas in Victoria and New South Wales. AND with approximately 11.7 MILLION METERS within our serviceable territories, the opportunity is HUGE!



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