Viridian-208-1I believe that in reflecting back on the experience of “updating the quality of life of a small village in Albania,” one can realize the depth of the impact that was made on some of the people of that beautiful country. Thirty or so Viridian Associates and corporate representatives traveled to a small village in Tufine, Albania. The task was to install solar street lights to give the people of the village a comfortable and safe place to gather after dark. The mission was accomplished, but with a lot of hard work—and I mean hard work. Digging holes in very rocky soil, mixing concrete, carrying extremely heavy poles and wiring each and every pole. However, It was while we were doing those arduous tasks that much more was accomplished. The people of the village and the University students that were working alongside us saw us work with smiles on our faces. They saw us work as a team, supporting each other and never giving up until the task was done! As one student commented to me “I have never seen a happier, harder working group of people in my life.”  He was taking this as a lesson—far greater than he could learn from a book—to realize that having a good attitude and working together achieves far greater things than working alone. So, if we changed the life and the attitude of one person for the better, our mission transcended past bringing light to a village. It brought light into one person’s life.

I am Generation V!

Terrie Walker, Ambassador