Viridian-966My favorite part of the project was actually mowing the lawn around the soccer field! I haven’t pushed a mower in years and it felt really satisfying to clear out an area that had been so neglected for so long. Swinging the pickaxe was pretty cool, too! I haven’t felt that much physical exertion in quite some time.

Traveling with GenV means everything to me. It’s what defines our culture to the max. There isn’t a stronger example of who and what we are than this work that defines Generation V. It means giving back and bonding together. We are seeing the world—both the harshness and beauty, all at once. It’s truly special!

My biggest takeaway is always how blessed we are here in the United States. Seeing how the people in Tufine live with literally nothing and yet survive and thrive. I’m glad we had the opportunity to make a difference in their community. Energy poverty is something we never think about here at home.

This trip embodies Viridian’s mission because it’s people helping people. It’s selflessness. It’s what the entire world needs to be doing. If we create enough of a buzz and show the world what we are capable of doing, we can help heal this planet one person, one village, one community at a time.

I learned humility from this beautiful community. I always come home and feel so blessed to be born on this side of the world and to have the parents and the nurturing they gave me growing up. Those children are little warriors, fighting for their lives.

This experience was so unique for so many reasons. We went from a war torn Albanian landscape to a rocky sheer cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Both places were extremely beautiful in their own way. The cultures were very different and yet the same. People are people wherever you go. You see the good and bad in everyone. Albania was so unique because I saw Old World meets New World. I saw hardship on the faces of the older generation and promise on the faces of the younger people.

I am Generation V!

John LoPresto